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Evolution of The Hidden Leaf Village in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Games

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Evolution of The Hidden Leaf Village in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Games
Here is the evolution of the Hidden Leaf Village and its free roaming aspects within the NARUTO Ultimate Ninja series featuring early NARUTO Ultimate Ninja games on the PS2, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games on the PS3 and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 on current platforms. All played on PC and their highest settings. Enjoy


With more than 16 million NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja® STORM games sold worldwide, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM LEGACY collects all 4 STORM games in one breathtaking collection. This series has established itself among the pinnacle of Anime & Manga adaptations to video games! This collection includes: HD Remasters of NARUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 2, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 3: FULL BURST, and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 4: ROAD TO BORUTO.


  1. naruto shippuden ninja storm 4 and naruto shippuden ninja storm 4 road to boruto are just the same game right?

  2. The best one is not on the list it’s naruto rise of the ninja

  3. I played Ultimate Ninja 3 as a kid and i forgot that it had free roam..
    holy shit,

    i want to play it again

  4. quando for ler os comentários eu vou estar lá says:

    naruto 5 ps2 e mt fechado o mapa , oque salva é o modo batalha q é bem legal , amava o 2 e 3 pq os mapas são mais explorados

  5. Ultimate Ninja 3 and Ninja Storm 1 were easily the best of the bunch 😭

  6. I’d love a Naruto game where you could make your own villages powers abilities own hokages have something like the anbu and it could be a rpg game and you could go from village to village delivering messages or seeing if you could join them. Then it could also have all the arcs and everyone one of the villages team up. That would be my top favorite game hands down

  7. I am getting naruto SN4 on Black Friday

  8. The nostalgia I was born in 2004 I remember playing ultimate ninja 3

  9. ultimate ninja 3 will always be konoha in my head, I know the hokages mansion is way to close to the gate but besides that the map has the perfect look and sense of scale and the way you could walk on walls was so satisfying thats what i think the newer games lack i want to be able to climb ontop of every building and walk on every wall, never played the first ninja storm but it looks pretty good in that sense too

  10. Naruto open world is truly fascinating

  11. Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 have the best Konoha but Ultimate Ninja 5 for Ps2 have the best World.

  12. Graphics can never be bad when it comes to naruto

  13. Ngl naruto ultimate ninja 3 has good graphics for a ps2 game

  14. How did they make the newer the games worse 💀🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. Back day was better am i lien like bro RAISE OF NINJA 😱 🤩

  16. i feel like naruto ultimate ninja storm is the best one i like the cartoony graphics and effects and you can explore freely but the rest of the ones after that have a little too realistic graphics not like really realistic but not at all as cartoony and also they feel claustrophobic and you can’t do the naruto cannon you can’t really wall run, jump, or all that stuff it doesn’t feel as free!

  17. Was it really that necessary to remove the jump option from Storm 4 during free roam? -_-

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