*Father Arashi* Takashi Ninja Warrior Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 7 (ios,Android) - brownebrand.com

*Father Arashi* Takashi Ninja Warrior Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 7 (ios,Android)

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*Fathet Arashi* Takashi Ninja Warrior Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 7 (ios,Android)

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Cross genre, shadow ninja warrior game. Tale of a Japanese ninja assassin.

Ninja warrior sword fighter set in a blend of hack n slash and soul game. A great action RPG fighting game where you can be the bravest shadow warrior assassin who fights to stop darkness from rising. Takashi, a 3D ninja game where you experience a tale of Japanese ninja arashi assassin with breathtaking graphics.

Takashi ninja warrior is a ninja fighting game where an epic hero rises in medieval Japan filled with war, discord and magic. Forge your destiny in the most thrilling action-adventure RPG game. Shadow ninja assassin warrior will be surrounded by strong corrupted enemies. Prepare for sword fight, engage in real quests, and become a legendary ninja samurai warrior of your people. Cast witchery spells to win boss battles in fighting arena.


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  1. You made ninja takashi hard for second watcher and third watcher dungeon beast and father arashi but my child likes the game

  2. How to speed up my ice clotting power please tell me

  3. I also complete this in 2020 with this trick ice frozen. Good game I complete all in 1-2 days. Then I delete it

  4. This game is king of all ninja game your gameplay video is nice 👍👍👍🤺🤺🤺🤺

  5. How to unlock this level? I stopped at swamp tower and then i can't play next

  6. Bro part 7 mudikka mudiyala Ninga eppudi power vanguninga

  7. I killed him very easily using only dragon magic

  8. I can not completing this level 😩😩

  9. pwoer jada karna ke leeya sating ka video banaya

  10. Amigo buen video pero te quiero preguntar algo, ¿ aquí acaba el juego o hay mas pistas o fases que cruzar ?

  11. Iam not getting aderena level aftr defeating Takashi master

  12. How much storage capacity this game has?

  13. The final boss is Iori Yagami voice 😅😅😅

  14. bàn 7 khó choi quá moi lan thang thi cho chôn mang cu het

  15. ▄︻┻═┳一༄vྂiྂnྂiྂtྂ💫꧂ says:

    I am hacker of this game

  16. I want part 2 of this game it was too short story… I cleared it in 3 hours

  17. I played this many time ,but nothing happens,in fact I unable to attack him ,he use one power to kill my player

  18. Very very good and good job 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Thanks for giving a trick but my power cool down is very late 🥶🥶

  20. Im mad its a scam lv 13?! Your suppose to be lv 18 to get frost claws!!!!

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