FIRST LOOK At TMNT The Last Ronin Game -

FIRST LOOK At TMNT The Last Ronin Game

Sadot The Gamer
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THQ Nordic dropped drop the TMNT The Last Ronin Reveal Trailer!
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🐢 FIRST LOOK at “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin”! 🐢 Durag Nation, here’s the BIG REVEAL we’ve all been waiting for. Dive deep with me as we unpack everything about this highly-anticipated TMNT game.

In this video:
🔸 Surprise Reveal: How I got caught off guard with this out-of-the-blue reveal.
🔸 Backstory: Paramount’s game adaptation of the popular Ninja Turtle graphic novel, “The Last Ronin”.
🔸 Gameplay Vibe: Insights into the reveal trailer, the mature tone, art direction, and what it all promises.
🔸 Game Mechanics: What can we expect? Hints at a combat system inspired by “Ghost of Tsushima” and the feel of modern God of War games.
🔸 Concept Art Revealed: A sneak peek into the aesthetic and combat of the upcoming game.
🔸 Platform Availability: Where can you expect to play it? All the details right here.

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  1. I cant wait to murder everyone in the foot clan. You broke the truce you dont deserve mercy. You dont deserve to live.

  2. I'm a gonna guess this plays exactly the same as Batman

  3. the only flaw is that we know the exact plot

  4. If only would someone do a mature 3rd person power rangers game that would be 🔥🔥 especially if you get to morph by yourself without the extra stuff

  5. Ngl I’m not hyped for this, it would’ve been 10x better as a movie, it would’ve been one of the best movies of all time actually, but I will prob still get the game tho

  6. I really hope they keep this as mature/serious, rather than comical since it's Nickelodeon. High hopes for this game at the moment!

  7. Show us some actual gameplay or just stop wasting our FT!

  8. We need one good ninja turtle time travel to save ninja turtles?

  9. Holy shit!!!! 😮😮 I hope they make a movie I love this comic

  10. I thought Mikey was the last ronin.. not Raphael ..

  11. I just hope they make the gameplay as good as God of War & ghost of Tsushima! This story is too good to get another TMNT button masher! Those are great, but it’s time for something better & this story is the perfect one to do that!

  12. Man I was collecting the comics as they were drip feeding this story over months and months. I hope the game does the comic proud. 😅

  13. A mixture of the Modern God of War games and Ghost of Tsushima would be epic.

    Those 3 games rejuvenated my love for video games when video games have been very mediocre to lackluster the past few year ( i just played, beat and Platinumed all 3 within the last 2-3 months )

    Some of the best video game experiences ive ever had

  14. SadotTheGamer I love your videos bro I'm a huge fan I support you keep up the excellent work bro 👊🔥

  15. hope developers take inspiration from God of War, Ghost of Tsushima & Assassins Creed 🔥🐲🔥

  16. I’m so excited for this game. I’ve read the story. And it was greatly written.

  17. The Music Producer And Game Developer says:

    played shredders revenge can't wait for new dlc this august 31st

    i hope this 3d game for tmnt do good the others didn't do so well

  18. Really excited for this…hope it’s worth it 👏

  19. I AM an enormous TMNT Fan!!!!!! 😁

  20. Hey pal I thought there was the right amount of cutscenes in god of war

  21. I grew up with Ben Bishop this is the ultimate trip to see his name on a tmnt video game

  22. They make this game like the novel it'll be a freaking badass game

  23. hope its not just button mashing gameplay crap like how god of war was

  24. I hope this game erase all the shty movies we got the last years. If they stay true to the comix and deal with deep thoughts. I would buy 10copies!

  25. I'd actually like them to change the Last Ronins identity & how Splinter & the rest of the turtles died, just to keep us on our toes. Bonus points if they give us interactive cut scenes where you have to play during those characters deaths.

  26. If they mess this up, there is no forgiveness

  27. Why alwys the game cinematic r way better than the movies

  28. I feel a tournament fighters remake comeing in the next few years

  29. the reference of god of war already makes me scared, I don't like that they are giving a comparison like that for so many reasons. oh boy.

  30. This will be an amazing game cant F#€K!n wait 🧠 🔫🐢

  31. Haven’t read the comic yet, but I’m still hyped for this game

  32. Лучше 😊😊😊 на ps4 вышла🤗🙏

  33. I hope it would be brutal and cinematic for immersive experience coz tmnt has been part of my childhood

  34. Okay. I'm very confused when this game is coming out. I've seen it as coming out on the 13th December 2023, and some saying it won't be coming out for several years. Does anyone have a correct release date?

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