Fishdom new minigames | Save the Fish Part 28 |D Lady Ninja#fishdomminigames #fishdom #doryfish -

Fishdom new minigames | Save the Fish Part 28 |D Lady Ninja#fishdomminigames #fishdom #doryfish

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Fishdom new minigames | Save the Fish Part 28 |D Lady Ninja#fishdomminigames #fishdom #doryfish

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Game Name : Fishdom

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About Fishdom Game :
Fishdom is a puzzle game developed by Playrix for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS, Android, and iOS. The game was launched 18 June 2008

The object of the game is to solve puzzles and earn coins to set up and decorate a virtual aquarium. Using in-game currency the player is able to purchase different species of fish, decorations, and “comfort” items to make the environment more pleasant for pet fishes. Filling all of the three meter gauges measuring the progress will unlock one of the trophies: bronze, silver, or gold. Adorned and themed tanks can be used as a smartphone screensaver.

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  1. Is game ko google Sy connect kasy karty hn please koi bta dy ya koi asa tariqa bta dain jis Sy fn restart krny Sy ya game delete na ho

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