Fortnite Chapter 5 is INSANE ! -

Fortnite Chapter 5 is INSANE !

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So much has changed ! check out this video to see whats new in chapter 5 😉


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  1. If anyone would like to check out my clips I would appreciate ❤

  2. I can not understand how someone so unlikeable is yet so relevant. Who? No point to say his name

  3. Epic killed their own game. It's kind of nuts. They are copying worse games, pubg and cod… like og fortinte wasn't the most popular game… player count is already 3 x lower in 2 days lol

  4. Please subscribe to my YT I absolutely love making fortnite maps and want to be able to publish them! I have to have 1,000 subs 🙁 all my maps will be super fun and offer lots of xp 😊

  5. Bro forgot to finish writing his title as "Fortnite Chapter 5 is INSANE-LY BAD"

  6. 2:09 is like a skit. What happens almost makes the medallion seem cursed. And then ninja right after saying "hey, can you drop it again?" 😂

  7. Fortnite just became a family friendly call of duty💀

  8. bro, at least win that intense game… shit bro, gl but wtf… omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  9. Fortnite very year is changed but l am every year l’am sad

  10. I hope they made Peter Griffen family friendly 💀💀

  11. This chapter sucks. I enjoyed fortnite og while it lasted. Now I'm deleting the app again

  12. To me it feels like Epic has evolved Fortnite to the point that it is losing the simple and quirky qualities that made it different from other BR games. Sure, they can’t please everyone, and some will absolutely love it and some will absolutely hate it. After the nostalgia of OG I’m feeling kinda meh about this new chapter honestly.

  13. The only people saying they like this movement are people who rather play zero builds😂

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  15. Crazy to think I’ll never play this game again bc of how shit epic games is. Ruining one of the best games. Imagine ruining something perfect

  16. Thousands of us cannot even play as game keeps crashing and epic is ignoring us.

  17. Is it just me cuz I kinda like it slower actually let’s you think before bambambam build fight but I’m also a casual

  18. I play on my Mac so it’s still pretty much the og map. I like that way better than this.

  19. I don’t know how much did they pay you to say that new Fortnite is insane. They did the worst version of Fortnite ever and it’s the first time I’m so disgusted of a game. The ruined everything that the og fix. Good job Ninja you lie to people to play this trash

  20. I have got the absolute nastiest quick scopes this season.

  21. Yet again another greedy cash grab collaboration

  22. I haven't play since the load in qque was 45 fucking mins

  23. It's so fun this makes me wanna play no builds as my problem with fortnite is I don't play it all the time so my build mechanics feels rusty every time I hop on after a while

  24. Actually I like this it's like warzone but more colourful

  25. I swear Ninja, Tim, Jack, and Dennis are the absolute best Fortnite squad ever. Love you guys

  26. I swear Ninja, Tim, Jack, and Dennis are the absolute best Fortnite squad ever. Love you guys

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