Fortnite Family Action With my Bro Live -

Fortnite Family Action With my Bro Live

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Lets Get it !!

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  1. im on my fuckin school laptop but this vid was fire ngl

  2. Why is there no grass? Your computer broke?

  3. LOL funny Tyler Ninja Pro I liked this Stream yes!!!!👍😅

  4. does anyone know the name of the first 2 songs he played?

  5. Ninja your movement is crazy cause I swear I was going to kill you at faulty trying to cap the flag

  6. tell me the track at the beginning of steam ????

  7. Why would you hipfire a shotgun that shoots slugs?

  8. ninga add me in fortnte my tag is PROGGRAMER3D5161

  9. 28:28 there’s nothing worse than dying to some miscellaneous shit during a high kill game 🤣🤣🤣

  10. 54:50– Is Ninja taking coke? I don't mean any hate. He is a my favorite streamer!

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