FromSoftware's Worst Game — Ninja Blade -

FromSoftware’s Worst Game — Ninja Blade

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Ninja Blade was the last game FromSoftware developed before their big hit Demon’s Souls. This game is a mess, but it’s a mess in some pretty entertaining ways that you’d never expect from the company these days.


0:00 intro
1:33 story overview
2:07 quick time events…
3:56 combat/movement
4:57 turret sections?
5:46 boss design
7:07 ugly game
7:33 ambition
8:15 technical issues
9:32 mission 7
10:40 ending
11:39 the final secret
13:36 closing thoughts
14:39 sponsor/outro
15:31 bonus

big thanks to the following people:
kevin’s computer for the animated intro/3D renders throughout:
Grapfic for help with the thumbnail:
Onua for rendering the SFM solaire pose in the thumbnail:
TKGP for the image comparing the spider boss models:


  1. I had very similar audio problems with my GUN gameplay, older games freak out if they aren't on your main drive and that causes the audio loss. Hope that helps good video!

  2. Call me weird but I unironically loved Ninja Blade and I genuinely wish Microsoft would make it backwards compatible cuz I would rebuy that shit in a heartbeat

  3. Their best game was Armored Core. I wish they'd make a new one.

  4. honestly, this game is so bad that it made me want to play it.

  5. I just love this game… And i feel bad for u😂😂😂

  6. …wait, so Armored Core doesn't count as a big title that made FS a big name developer? Lmao

  7. This feels like a beta concept for metal gear rising

  8. Weird way to spell "Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin"

  9. So if you arnt a fan of qte what is your stance on asuras wrath

  10. I love how you explained the start and stop combat of the bosses. I never really thought about it, but egoraptor made a similar point about Ocarina of Time in how there is "So much GOD DAMN WAITING" when it comes to every enemy and boss. It's so hard to go back to games like that after my Dark Souls epiphany. Even the MGS games have lost some luster.

  11. Ninja Blade feels like a breadwinner game as in let's make one game where we play it safe and get some mediocre sales that pay our salaries and then let's also make a risky but potentially breakthrough game a.k.a. Demon's Souls

  12. this feels like "we have metal gear rising revengeance at home" lol

  13. By the looks of it they recycled the grappling animation and slapped it into sekiro

  14. That last clip tripped me out for like why did he explode 🤣

  15. Is this game xbox360 exclusive? If so, kind of hilarious to me

  16. 11:45 – Best part of the credits? The song that plays while the singer struggles to breathe.

    ~It's…just a true story du die dee dee dum die die doo GASP
    Duh duh die duh duh dee dum dum die die dee dah GASP ~

  17. My guess is From Software spent time trying to release games that copied trends.
    Realized that wasn't working. Instead decided to go their own way and make unique stuff that no one else was doing.

  18. This is a really old trick in the game production world. You get funding for a game you don't want to make and then you use that funding for a game you do want to make hence Demon Souls. But you are still contractually obligated to make the original game. It's just like Colonial Space Marines and Borderlands

  19. The time where quicktime events was a general part of every game.

  20. Ngl if i was a little kid who got this game one day and got to play it afterwards school on a Friday night id have so much fun

  21. I’ve been binging these videos where you pick apart all these older fromsoft games and am honestly very impressed with the video quality. I love the face you mention the similarities between these old titles and newer ones it’s very interesting how it all links up. With you commentary and video style I could see you doing this with all types of developers. The intro is awesome

  22. imagine darksouls with quick time events……oh wait we do have rolly polly ….

  23. also why does the dad looks so much like someone from sekiro?

  24. The second half of the 2000s was the era of quick time events, so it's no wonder why they used them in the game. It was something of a novelty at that time, and kind of expected, even if many people disliked them.

  25. Jesus, what's up with the eye close up? 😂😂

  26. So uh, we are not going to talk about the belt alignment at 11:13? Because that's just blending in into the rest of the whole experience?

  27. I'm just here bc I looked up this game on yt out of sentimentality rn and holy shit, I never knew it was from FromSoftware 😂

  28. The QTE-era was truly a dark time for gamers everywhere.

  29. You never even mentioned Todamé and what the hell does it mean? You didnt talk about how AWESOME the president of the USA is. His taekwondo is sick. I love the cheese and just weird stupidity of this game. I always have. I mean, you surf a missile!!

  30. Rewatching this and your kingsfield vids, and I realized that the place where you get the MLGS in ninja blade looks near exactly like the place where you get the MLGS in kingsfield the ancient city, nothing important just a little detail I noticed.

  31. I remember this game! I watched my buddy play it and this was long before I knew who From Soft was.

  32. I remember my brother got this game when we were little and I was all over it, I thought it was great but I was 9/10 so

  33. I genuinely love the fact that they basically looked at Devil May Cry 2 and said "Wait, but I can make it worse."

  34. I started to think maybe this review was an April Fool's prank. This game is not nearly as bad as depicted. It's not even close to the worst FROM Software game. That belongs to Steal Battalion Heavy Armor. This review seems more like a bashing of the game since it isn't Souls. It's also not fair to teardown a game because it was doing what was popular at the time. It comes across as some "Cancelation" of a game that doesn't fit today's norms.

  35. Quick time events where such a fucking blight

  36. You know what's crazy? Ninja Blade is a challenging game.


  38. Did the sword grab really needed to be a quick time event? Lmao

  39. its way more devil may cry style of game than anything else

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