Game Boy Advance Longplay [120] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [120] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Played by: Ravenlord

You have to replay certain levels several times to get all crystals, so I put those one after another.

All crystals collected
Completed 100% –
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  1. When you realize they're all fighting around in liquified fecal matter while in the sewer section…

  2. Every new thing that comes up is an instant time warp back to my childhood crazy man

  3. Man I played this all day everyday my favorite part is the motorcycle battle

  4. It’s crime that I played this a thousand times and never fought shredder

  5. whait is that the tcri building?

  6. I never know about this game. Thanks for the awesome playthrough! Is there anything different if you collect all the crystals vs. skipping them?

  7. This is the kind of 2D game kids need in their lives. Quality side-scrolling action and adventure.

  8. Bro I beat this all the way up to shredder. I could not get past that dude but it was fun regardless. Huge throwback🔥

  9. I loved replaying the Casey fight. I never bothered to play on normal and looks like i missed out on the shredder chapter too.

  10. Will the k code work for this game 🐢🐢🐢🐢

  11. Wasn’t this the game that was loosely based off the cartoon network show?

  12. The elevator scene was my favorite hands down

  13. Crazy playing this when I was very little. Miss the time of my life 🔥

  14. The Green Machine Is Back In TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES For Your Nintendo Game Boy Advance From Konami!

  15. i still have a genuine gba copy, still mint condition

  16. I swear its crazy how some of the pretty old games did so well

  17. Fun game. All the bosses were pretty easy compared to Shredder. Finally beat him by rapidly spamming Leonardo's crouching kick instead of the regular standing sword combo. And his charge attack when u hold down B is great for flying across the screen and killing at least 3 of those crazy animals Shredder splits up into.

  18. I miss the part where I had to press and hold the attack button of all turtles to unleash their level of super strikes. Especially since when I overdid Michelangelo past the power gauge seeing him breathe out after overdoing it. 😆

  19. One of the first games I ever had for Gameboy advance. The game was a bit difficult but I always had a blast playing it. Beat it countless times.

  20. For those who were wondering about the password at the end:

    It unlocks Casey Jones' campaign in the GameCube game.

  21. Damn it's been 17 years since I played this wonderful game that makes my childhood years more fun and memorable. I finished watching the whole TMNT 2003 series and Turtles Forever movie last week and I came back here to watch my favorite game and I was touch by awesome nostalgia!!!! 🇵🇭

  22. This is the first game that made me rage quit so bad that I broke my DS in half.

  23. This is my first video game I ever played at 6 years old as a Christmas present and here I am at 25 years old what a nostalgic trip!

  24. That one guy who ran head first towards Donny at 1:02:46 used to piss me the fuck off for some reason as a kid lol

  25. I am 43 and still playing this.
    It's still 🔥🔥🔥🔥😎

  26. Bro, this is definitely one of the best TMNT games to ever exist, it got a bangin' soundtrack, awesome gameplay and good graphics

  27. 1:11:00 My favorite level of this game. I would replay it for hours in my childhood.

  28. Thank you for letting me relive this memory 😭 I’m 26 now and can vividly remember me playing on my game boy 😅

  29. Fun fact: It was also developed by Hudson Soft (Bomberman, Mario Party)

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