Game Boy Longplay [024] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan -

Game Boy Longplay [024] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Fall of the Foot Clan

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  1. Wow the gameboy can actually do parallax scrolling. Even the gamegear and master system could not do that!

  2. Remember playing this in the closet with the gameboy light. Go in the closet with total darkness, turn on the light to really make the game shine!

  3. I used to loooove this game. Great video, although who ever is playing really sucks lol

  4. Nothing worse than a foot soldier armed with Tetris blocks.

  5. Belmont's Revenge enemy death sound effects…

  6. I traded this with a friend. Got Link's Awakening in return, my 8 year old self wasn't disappointed

  7. I lost this game on an airplane in 1996 and I really miss playing it

  8. Every sprite, background, sound FX and music is totally etched into my brain! 😉 I played this game to infinity when i was 11 😉

  9. I stinkin’ loved this game!! The 90s were so awesome!! Beat it several times!!

  10. Those sprites are awesome. The ones from the sequel are even better.

  11. Donde puedo descargar este juegazo…. Lo kiero

  12. i use to play this all the time .. Especially family road trips this was my go 2

  13. NOSTALGIC! I remember finishing this game.

  14. I found a copy of this game in a coat pocket when I found in between classes in middle School. Took the coat to lost and found and I kept the game. No regerts!

  15. AWSOME game play the cheat rom version if you can find it or put in the cheat code

  16. The enemy must be near, April is screaming.

    Nah, she's screaming from having to pay the pizza guy for all the pizza's you guys consumed. Pretty good game, especially considering my first Turtles game was the first NES game, and was heavily disappointed in it (do own a copy of it to this day though, along with Turtles 2 and 3 NES). This one was fast paced, and a good platformer. A little short, but a lot of Konami games on the GB at that time were short.

  17. Great music, looks hella boring compared to Nes turtles games

  18. The enemy destruction sound.. So good. I used to love this game.

  19. This brings back so much memories looking to get one for my game boy I lost it so long ago

  20. It´s so easy^^ for the first Boss you basically have to push just one button over and over, and there´s no need to dodge or even move.

  21. Damn the nostalgia. I had this and some other pokemon games but my parents throw it all away unfortunately

  22. god i loved this game! too bad my stupid friend broke it when i let him borrow it, i will never forgive you eric!

  23. this sound is legendary i playd that on mye gameboy

  24. Another excellent Game. A Classic. Played it a lot back in the Day. 😉

  25. Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge death noise for the Foot Soldiers.

  26. Poor Leonardo at 20:28 One sword wasn't enough! He'd be better having two swords to even the odds! And he looks like he's trying to take a shit! Lol

  27. i have yet to find a game that has a more satisfying sound when you kill an enemy

  28. This game was easy, the TMNT III Radical Rescue however, the endgame was brutal!

  29. Did you guys look at the score sometimes and BRUHTEND that's how much money you won in some kind of lottery and think about the things you'd get

  30. Oh man, this brought back some memories 🙂

  31. Great little game, great music and not impossible like other Gameboy games. I love it.

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