Game Boy Longplay [024] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan -

Game Boy Longplay [024] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Fall of the Foot Clan

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  1. The music of this game is awesome!!! also the sound effects are good!!

  2. This was my favorite game on the gameboy. I remember I used to beat this once per day during my summer vacation just to kill time. I eventually got the sequel but it was too hard. Never beat it.

  3. Oh man, this takes me back to the Nintendo power days…

  4. One of the easiest games for the gameboy. Done with it very fast. Great though. I know there was a cheat or something wenn you push "start, select, a, b" all at the same time, so you could play bonus games.

  5. i miss that game i lost it long time ago i wish it come out on e shop for 3ds

  6. Fantastic game, i used to play it a lot when i was a kid. But bad highscore, i can remember i used to reach over 32k using every hidden game and glitch 🙂 Thanks for sharing this great video!!

  7. This was such a great game, could finish it again and again and it never got boring

    …You know you can hit Bebop & Baxter's beams to kill them, right? Looked like you were trying to jump over them all

  8. back in the days when i play this i get hit one or two times in the whole game

  9. Great memories but not such a great game if we are being honest. Turtles in time was great multiple player on SNES though.

  10. I hated the 2nd stage. And Shredder…he kicked my ass often.

  11. same ending and epilogue as the arcade game.

  12. I wish I could download this game on my 3DS or WiiU, would love to play again!
    Same goes for the NES game

  13. The text at the end is the same of the arcade

  14. Hmm…parallax scrolling in a Game Boy game. That's a rare sight. 🙂

  15. GAMEOVER is what you get after the ending. Like you lost the game. What a reward.

  16. I love how smiley the old turtles were. Like little lego men.

  17. It should have been Don vs Shredder. You know why…

  18. the easiest tmnt game EVER made

  19. I only played this game on a GB emulator, but I loved it, so I think I'll buy a physical copy sometime.

  20. I played the shit out of this game as a little tacker. I was 7 years old in Brisbane Australia and that GameBoy was my life!

  21. Still tryin to figure out what the hell that noise is whenever you kill an enemy

  22. Nicely done video and thank you for uploading it. I've got this second hand game boy game in the UK back in 2015. The only difference is the game's title called "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan". Eventually I completed the game by carrying on from the last place where I've been captured.

  23. I remember a bonus game about finding a secret number with 3 digits.

  24. memories. still got the gameboy and a few games somewhere

  25. This game was nice. Also had The Amazing Spider-Man…that one sucked ass, but I thought I simply suck at it.

  26. I just played this game tonight on my Gameboy! Great game and great music.

  27. There's 12 names in the credits… 4 of which are in the 'Thanks' section… wow…

  28. I had this game growing up, obviously. I am the youngest of three kids so my older brothers when they wouldn't play with me I would play this game alone. At times I'd take a quick lunch break and pause the game just to hear "PIZZA TIME!" so that I could feel like I was eating with thee Ninja turtles. God I has such a innocent childhood.

  29. this is horrible, enemies just keep popping up left and right and you just hit them and move on

  30. Aber leider zu schnell durchgespielt aber viele schöne ingame geheim Stages (Puzzl Lv und so). Na habt ihr viele gefunden

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