Game Boy Longplay [040] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Radical Rescue -

Game Boy Longplay [040] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Radical Rescue

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Played By: ScHlAuChi

This is pretty good actually, and reminds me of the Metroidvanias! –
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  1. @ScHIAuChi Please enter password "1HHHHH0" to get in final stage to play. You will amazing how the life is.

  2. Konami knew how to make great games on limited systems.

  3. “chook chook chook” Mikey was the turtle for the job. I remember an urban legend of there being a possibilty of unlocking playable “Mustard Sphincter.
    I had spent so much time on this game, yet now it looks soo damn easy.

  4. Holy shit I finally find this. Bring me back to 10 all over again.

  5. I have wrote some of the passwords on my drawer when I was little. Damn I'm so old.

  6. This game was so excellent! Amazing sound effects, it sounded like it had echo on it! And the graphics were so much on point plus the gameplay was fluid! Konami sure knew how to make amazing games!

  7. There was more then on turtle game? On Gameboy wow

  8. I remember this game when I was a kid. I liked it and never could beat it.

  9. Excellent you went through the whole game without getting hit.

  10. 이때 웬만한 어드벤쳐게임들은 록맨컨셉을 많이 갖다썼는데 이건 진짜 잘만든게임임 맵구성, 케릭터 디자인, 능력분배, 보스 남은 체력표기나 잡몹/보스몹 패턴구성 등
    근데 혐생실 컨셉까지 갖다쓴거는 선넘은듯..

  11. นคร เพราะผักแว่น says:


  12. This is one of the most difficult ninja turtle games to play, especially when you’re trying to find your way out of the maze and rescuing everyone from Shredder and his henchmen.

  13. This game was indeed hard but pure fun. I remember I only got this in Japanese cartridge, which I can't read. No guides, no internet, just figuring everything out, analyzing boss patterns. Hell, I didn't know Donnie could climb walls until accidentally figuring it out vs Scaletail! Thought Donnie was useless. My sister would also watch me play. I got stuck, Cyber Shredder owned me countless times. By the time I beat him for the first time, I just couldn't wait to tell my sister as she was confined at a hospital at the time. So I showed her again beating Shredder and that felt really cool.

    This game also made me remember TMNT as I watched them a lot on TV when I was 3 but forgot about them until I was given this game four years later. Been a lifelong TMNT fan ever since.

  14. I prefer the other Turtle games of Gameboy. This one was a little strange to me.

  15. what buy this game may with old boy cousin play with my own strong>>v
    own yea ?

  16. This Shredder is amazing. Is the final enemy with more style.

  17. my first game, but shredder was so hard, it took years to defeat him.

  18. I still remember I can't beat the fucking final boss.

  19. This show was so big in the early 90s that every kid of that time remembers the names of the main characters.
    For how many shows of your childhood can you do that? Some will say Batman and superman or X men, but those were reinforced with mentions from a gazillion other platforms of the franchise.

  20. this game have unique bosses like triceratom , the cobra guy ( i don´t remember his name ) scratch¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ sadly i only can whatch this game , i think this its a upgrade version of tmnt of ultragame : yo u can play with the 4 turtles but for turns

  21. This is a game that I really hold dear on my memories 🙂

  22. More like Turtlevania symphony of the night

  23. Jogava demais quando era mlk com meu game boy, depois de 10 anos tive que vim aqui ver

  24. Wow this game brings back memories! Awesome video dude, COWABUNGA!!!!! 😎🇵🇭🐢

  25. Just bought this… hope I do not get a bootleg copy

  26. My childhood in 50 minutes. I still hum the boss theme daily 😀

  27. 47:07 this game is nuts as they pulled the super saiyan and sprint bomb on me… It is unforgivable as my childhood years was definitely spent on trying to win this game 😀

  28. 47:05 this is the moment you celebrated too early … this game is the legend

  29. As a child I was proud to beat Battletoads. But at the time my deductive skills were not developed enough to deal with this kind of game.

  30. I could never find the 3rd tmnt for gameboy. The 1st was easy to beat and the 2nd took a while to master (I could never defeat the guard).

  31. 36:18 "…so focus your powers and prepare for buttle!" Nice misspelling there, Master Splinter.

  32. 25:17 I remember I passed this place without using Donatello at the very beginning of the game…if you jump left to the wall and then immediately turn right, there will be a chance that you can reach the brick….it was an accident, but makes me confused quite a while…

  33. April O'Neil, Splinter, Leonardo, Donatello, And Raphael, Has Been Kidnapped By Cyber Shredder! Now Michelangelo Must Save Them And Stop Cyber Shredder Once And For All In Konami's Video Game Hit For Your Nintendo Game Boy, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 3 RADICAL RESCUE!

  34. This dude finished the entire game without any damage. So cool!

    Used to wrote down passwords for this. Hehe

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