Game Boy Longplay [156] Mystical Ninja starring Goemon -

Game Boy Longplay [156] Mystical Ninja starring Goemon

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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon aka Go Goemon: Mystery of the Black Ship Gang is a Ganbare Goemon series Game Boy game released in 1998. Featuring gameplay similar to the Super Famicom title Ganbare Goemon 3, the game presents a new story in which Yae has been kidnapped by the Black Ship Gang. Its release immediately followed the Nintendo 64 game of the same name.

Out of all the Goemon games that came out, this is the worst one but not because of the story since it’s technically weaker than what has been going on in the SNES 4 games prior… nah this one got people pissed off because of the mini games that if you failed to beat then it’s instant game over and there are some REALLY annoying parts as well.

If you want to give this a spin then it’s available on the 3ds Virtual Console otherwise avoid… however this was
released alongside the Nintendo 64 version so I recommend giving the N64 version a chance, it was only one of 2
games that did go West. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. I swear… every time I lose in this game, I cut it off fast enough before that game over (THE END) music played, cuz it pissed me off! lol good times though…

  2. this looks fun! There was a similar game on my 100in1 Gameboy adv bootleg. I think it was a NES game from japan.

  3. Not the only one.
    The West did get:
    A clone of the Famicom games: Cowboy Kid
    The Super Famicom first game (released in English and German)
    The 1991 Game Boy game, included in a compilation
    This GB game
    The first two Nintendo 64 games

    As an aside note, a localization of the PS2 game was finished but unreleased. It's not entirely out of the question it would get leaked somehow one day.

  4. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S for Game Gear.

    Game Gear Longplay [024] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

  5. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Game Sample – Game Gear (Japanese)

  6. Game Gear Longplay [024] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

  7. The last tune or the one in the credits-like segment? Well, I'll just answer them all, lol.

    Last game: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (Game Gear)
    Last Tune: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (Game Boy)
    End Segment: Kaitou Saint Tail (Game Gear)

  8. @themiskiller: I'll say you certainly have a lot based on that video, but are you sure you have more? Well, it doesn't matter either way; it's pretty rare to find Game Gear enthusiasts, so I take my hat off to you. Those pirate carts caught my eye in particular.

  9. Lol, thanks man. It's just too bad that finding complete Game Gear games in the U.S. is so hard these days… same goes for Game Boy. I don't know why finding good complete games for those two is so hard. I guess people thought the boxes were smaller and even more worthless or something, so even more people threw them away, destroyed them, etc

  10. which game is in which you are in a creepy mansion? sorry if nobody cannot understand me

  11. I know what you mean , i have a friend who's maniac with GB/GBC games and i understand how hard it is to collect them.

    Personally im not that crazy with fullset collections.I usually get the games i want to in mint condition and then i just get a development flashcart for everything else(note:not just to play games but more for homebrew dev 😉 ).

    PS:Unbelievable that my old comment where posted.I posted them the day youtube was under a maintenance process.I tried to post it like 4-5times :P.

  12. There's hard games, and then there is…this.
    It doesn't look that hard, but you only have one life and NO continues; only a password that lets you retry from the beginning of the last level. Plus, the button-mashing games at the end of the stages require humanly impossible finger speed. Even a Turbo controller or emulator can just barely beat them.

  13. I never got through the 100 meter dash from the first stage, seriously who the fuck finished this game without emulator or turbo-controller? i smashed my game boy in the wall when i was a kid and died on that f-kin 100 meter dash..

  14. i always wanted this game when i was a kid.

  15. I know they're supposed to be shuriken, but to a german like me those things he's throwing look pretty… well… historical familiar.

  16. I did well not buying this game in 1999. Looks like shit compared to Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (N64).

  17. I remember when gameboy colors first came out, i got this game, and pokemon blue. Of course being a child at the time i put more focus toward pokemon, but had always thought of this game later in life not knowing the name of it! Well here we are today reliving great childhood memories while ordering a copy to finish what i started 20 years ago! Thanks man!

  18. Dude I spent years of my childhood to manage a way to win the race after the first boss and I just was killed at the start of chapter 2… most painful shit I ever have felt.

  19. U need a turbo controller for the first boss. WTF

  20. Man this game looked like almost decent to okay on the beginning, but some of those mnigames were borderline impossible or really though to beat, and that instant game over., the game isn't even that to great to compensate for that. The shops for recovering life are almost worthless since they are so far apart, you get shurikens everywhere so there is no point on buying them, and the characters have almost no differences between each other and the history/plot isn't even that interesting. overall a boring game, it got the controls right and the tunes are great atleast.

  21. Out of all the bad games I seen, this has to be the shittiest.

  22. This game is currently on the 3ds eShop virtual console should I get it is it any good?

  23. This game was hard I never beat the first race

  24. This game is depressing! Apart from the hit point upgrades carrying over between stages I don't see how It is like snes ganbare goemon 3 at all. There is no unified game world, there is no meaningful difference between the characters, there is no interesting stuff to find and use to get through stages, there is no interesting stuff at all. Nor is there anything particularly silly or medieval-Japanese about the atmosphere. The enemies could be from any 8 bit game with the "zelda" presentation. The dialog between the characters is the rote-est I've ever seen. At best it is like one of those sprite webcomics from 2000ish except those would have better quality sprites. With all the scene recycling it looks more like 1987 than 97. The whole thing is a typical low effort low budget late era gameboy game because all the money and talent was being dumped into 3d junk but companies still wanted to keep any brand with a scrap of relevance active since gameboys were still selling for some reason. Even Castlevania Legends by the same development group at least added the ability to slide down ropes and the series' first female protagonist (however minimally that is visually evident). This game actually has the existing female protagonist Yae get kidnapped. Totally offscreen, naturally. And despite featuring Yae prominently on the box. The more I think of this the less I can stand it. Oh what a life!

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