GAME ON! It's Fortnite superstar NINJA vs. JUJU! | Celebrity Family Feud -

GAME ON! It’s Fortnite superstar NINJA vs. JUJU! | Celebrity Family Feud

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Legendary Fortnite player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is battling against fellow gamer and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JUJU Smith-Schuster!

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  1. LULW he fucked up so bad by moving to Mixer he had to go to Normie ass TV OMEGALUL xqcL 77777777777

  2. Way to buck the trend that video gamers are skinny and pale ninja…..

  3. That's such a one of a kind flex to go from random family feud to celebrity family feud, who else done that

  4. 3:13 what that transition looks like he wanna kill him no cap… ☠️

  5. He sounds really especially dumb when the things he says aren’t just names of games or energy drinks he’s promoting for cash

  6. I know JuJu. But had no idea who Ninja was. Proud to say it

  7. this is where ksi vs logan paul should have settled.

  8. If you make millions already why you on feud and why not play for charity 🙄

  9. Who else thought at first that Jodi and Jon were the parents 😆😂

  10. Who else feels bad that the brothers have to sit and watch there brother get all the glory

  11. Did Steve not ask Tyler where he's gonna spend his winnings? or am I tripping?

  12. Ninja you rock man!!! Glad you raised a lot of money for a wonderful cause.

  13. Ninja in a nutshell: Dis guy’s 29 years old, and he’s the KING of Fortnite.

  14. I know ninja but i don't know people that do sports because nobady does them any more😂😂😂

  15. 31th July 2020 – 8:12am. XQC was going through his reddit and found a screenshot of Jessica's job description as, "Ninja's Wife" and he said, this has to be photoshopped xD

  16. For those who don’t know: Ninja has been on Family Feud before, it was at the time he was gaining popularity in video games. He and his family made it to night 4, and they won over $40,000.

  17. I know Steve tries to be neutral, but we all know he’s cheering for team Ninja.
    Also, just as a fun side note, Chris has one of the highest Fast Money Scores, so we

  18. Poor Cody. Although he really did look out of place when they did the normal Family Feud.

  19. This is success. Go from normal family feud to celebrity family feud

  20. I love how Ninja replaced Codi with his wife

  21. The wages of sin is death as it says in the Holy Bible. Repent and turn away from your sin in Jesus Christ’s mighty name to be cleansed by the blood He shed on the cross and be able to enter heaven. The time is near and you may not have another day so make this the day that you repent and get right with God.

  22. Ninja vs Juju is like Kakashi vs Might guy😂😂😂

  23. “Pro Fortnite player” 😂😂😂🤣

  24. From giggle to wooooo frm audience…..ti.e has changed

  25. can someone explain to me why does ninja's blue hair looks like he just ate blue cotton candy & then woke up and he realized his hair is blue because he ate the blue cotton candy?

  26. Jodie looks high on cocaine

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