Game Over: Mystical Ninja - Starring Goemon -

Game Over: Mystical Ninja – Starring Goemon

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Well that is…that is a thing…


  1. honestly… this scared the shit out of me when i was little!!

  2. The game over screens for the other games were a lot better… Funnier, at least.

  3. This game is offensively Japanese, which is why I loved it as a kid.

  4. two guys in shorts with hula hoops really does say "game over" for me 😛

  5. as a child i used to kill my self just to hear this tune

  6. "Offensively Japanese": I can't think of any better way to describe the Goemon series.

  7. They Shuld make a MGS2 remake with lots of tweaks and this Shuld be the game over… With solidus

  8. I can proudly save I've Never got a single game over in this game as a child. That was a first LOL

  9. Now I can't figure out which one was more of a "what the hell?!" moment: this or the "Gorgeous, My Stage" scene…

  10. oh you think this is bad go look at goemons great adventure's game over screen

  11. Oh, oooh- ooohhhhh ohhhh ooooooohhh… ok.

  12. As long as they're not shouting "PUU-LAAAS-UUMMAAA!!!" at me then I'm fine with this… okay not really, this is uncomfortable.

  13. Ah, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, what a game!

  14. Watching this at 4 in the morning. I'm having a "blast"

  15. red and blue devils in underwears hula hooping. y'know, for kids!

  16. I didn't get this game over screen either when I was a kid lol

  17. You should watch this and listen to Billie Eillish Bad guys at the same time

  18. This is the most confusing game over screen I ever saw. I never understood why it depicted two huge muscular men hula hooping.

  19. Well ….. I guess I was the only kid who secretly thought this was very hot, So I didn't mind at all. If it was 2 female oni then that would've definitely spelled game over for me. + No eye candy either.

  20. Generally its hard to die in this game, except for the second game lol

  21. The bad guys be like “Hooray! Party time! Drinks are on me!”

  22. You goofed up, now you get to see buff red oni with hula hoops!

  23. Estos mens siempre me hacian sentir como de que madres :v

  24. If you give up on your quest sexy time with sexy demon man lol this game over will make women wet

  25. I dont know why, this is addicting hahaha

  26. I dont get it.

    Why onis get dissapointed choosing the 2nd option?
    Isn't it their job to make us miserable?

  27. Its really hard to even see the game over screen in this game

  28. FF7 gameover: "It's okay to die, there's always another try."

    MNSG gameover: "You kinda suck at this easy game, now we're going to show you devils using a hoola loop!"

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  30. This game was soooo freakin strange… nothing made sense…..

    Which is why i loved playing it as a kid! This game was just fun as hell lol

  31. I remember renting this game as a kid. With no real knowledge of anime or Japan this entire game and this game over screen specifically were incredibly baffling to little me.

    I'm glad this kind of thing has become more well known though. Back then I can't imagine this game did that well outside of Japan. I think there's talks of Konami remaking some of their old games and I hope they do.

  32. What kind of fever dream of a GameOver screen is this?!😂

  33. Me sorprende que no hayan censurado esa escena

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