Game Pirate vs DLC Ninja - PIRATE VERSION -

Game Pirate vs DLC Ninja – PIRATE VERSION

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The Game Pirate takes on the DLC Ninja in a battle to the death. But who will win – and what side are YOU on?

Click here to watch the version where The DLC Ninja wins!!!

Written by: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Storyboards: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Animated by: MyFuckinMess (Grég Guibert)
Produced by: Tom Jenkins for Mashed
Voice of Pirate: Nate Panning (Doraleous)
Voice of Ninja: Jon ‘Overt Racist Accent’ Etheridge (Appsro)
Voice of BusinessMan: Tony Schnur (Thick44)
Voice of Fat Businessman: Brent Triplett (Neebs)
Voice of MastHumper: Bryan Mahoney (Simon)
Voice of EyeOrgasmGuy: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Voice of Pirate Crewman: Bryan Mahoney (Simon)
Voice of Gaben: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Sound design by: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Music by: Jay Man
Music Tracks used: ‘Lions Roar’ ‘SeaTravels’ ‘SeasAtWar’

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Mashed end theme by: Liam Tate
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  1. Did anybody else notice the Noob's (Battlefield Friends) voice at 1:01?

  2. Ugh both sides are right I just dunno which one to pick…

  3. DLC NINJA is the ultimate antihero


  4. I'm not sure if I want to see a version where the DLC-ninja wins.

  5. Nice way to show how fight between anti piracy measures and DLC greed is ruining video game industry.

  6. It's actually viable to pirate a game, see if it's good, and if you like it then actually buy it.

  7. DLC ninja win Pirate not have blod at wepon in final battle 🙂

  8. oh wait… is that the voice actor from battlefield friends?

  9. And then we have Steam and its like 70% offs

  10. EA comes in and kills them both and adds in app purchases


  12. May we all be blessed by the Seven Chins of Gaben! Praise the Church of our lord and savior, Gordon Freeman!

  13. You go game pirates your doing good you speak for all gamers.

  14. Dlc ninja is the reason games sucks

  15. Was neebs gaming in this making of thus video

  16. Not an excuse don't chop games to pay employees not an excuse!!!!😡😠😠😡😡😤😤😤😤😤👿👿👿👿😈😈😈👾👾👾

  17. I hatebto say it but game pirate has a good point

  18. It’s great the player is represented as a pirate, cause Rares sea of thieves are still one of the games and companies that don’t do dick things like this.

  19. Fuck em. They embargoed my country to ruin. I'll steal whatever i damn want.

  20. I agree with this video. Not to mention games that are good. I ACTUALLY BUY!! I actually bought the same game twice because of how much I liked it. Seriously though they expect us to pay 60$ for half a game and then another like 100$ for the rest of the game not assuming they keep adding bullshit to it like 5$ here and 10$ here.

  21. I respect Game Pirate. I used to buy games, but now that I have to play 100+ bucks just to play the game.

  22. I found this video extremely racist…

    Pirate Lives Matter

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