Game Pirate vs DLC Ninja - PIRATE VERSION -

Game Pirate vs DLC Ninja – PIRATE VERSION

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The Game Pirate takes on the DLC Ninja in a battle to the death. But who will win – and what side are YOU on?

Click here to watch the version where The DLC Ninja wins!!!

Written by: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Storyboards: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Animated by: MyFuckinMess (Grég Guibert)
Produced by: Tom Jenkins for Mashed
Voice of Pirate: Nate Panning (Doraleous)
Voice of Ninja: Jon ‘Overt Racist Accent’ Etheridge (Appsro)
Voice of BusinessMan: Tony Schnur (Thick44)
Voice of Fat Businessman: Brent Triplett (Neebs)
Voice of MastHumper: Bryan Mahoney (Simon)
Voice of EyeOrgasmGuy: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Voice of Pirate Crewman: Bryan Mahoney (Simon)
Voice of Gaben: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Sound design by: Jon Etheridge (Appsro)
Music by: Jay Man
Music Tracks used: ‘Lions Roar’ ‘SeaTravels’ ‘SeasAtWar’

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Mashed end theme by: Liam Tate
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  1. and so i see this i get more and more the pirate….

    as i see ise of the Tomb Raider O.o every danm costume gets sold seperatly a cant be crafted in game tzzz

  2. omg!!! :LD :D:D :D: Dd the gaben moment 😀

  3. Back in my day we had demos 😂 back in my day we had lite versions

  4. I wish it would be the good old days where you bought for bout 2-4 dollars demo pack and got most of the newcoming games tried

  5. Why is appsro and neebs here and possibly doraleos or thick44

  6. Precisely. If the game doesn't have a demo, then I am likely to pirate it, just to try before I buy

  7. neebs gaming crew in the video

    all hail gabe

  8. I say The Pirates are the true hero's here you all who say OH MY GOD A CRACKED USER REPORT REPORT REPORT Fuck all of you you fucking greedy ass good for nothings who bought the game then get angry when somebody with less money than you pirates the game sure the Devs do some what good??? "EA" "Rockstar" "Rebellion" "Sledgehammer" "Activision" These companys are shitfaced cock suckers who deserve to get fucked in the ass Pirates rule they care for US the consumers not the company

  9. If games had demos , there would be so much less pirates


  11. I love how both sides have been shown, this doesn't create a biased argument.( for most of us out there )

  12. Aku the shape shifting master of darkness says:


  13. They're also not using a lot of resources for boxes and cd's. Most download.

  14. This animation shows neebs being smart for once. Amazing

  15. nooo neebs why not simon instead lol or thick

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