Game & Watch | Analogue Pocket & MiSTer FPGA Tutorial -

Game & Watch | Analogue Pocket & MiSTer FPGA Tutorial

Pixel Cherry Ninja
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This tutorial will get you the newly released Game & Watch core for the MiSTer FPGA DE10 NANO and the Analogue Pocket up and running. It’s a fun core that will awaken a lot of nostalgic feelings and bring you straight back to the 80s. This core also supports Tiger Electronics handheld games.

Grab the core here

03:45 Analogue Pocket tutorial
08:13 MiSTer tutorial

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The Game & Watch series holds a special place in gaming history as one of the pioneering handheld gaming devices. Created by Nintendo in the early 1980s, these portable LCD games were an instant hit and laid the foundation for the future of handheld gaming. Each Game & Watch unit featured a single game, accompanied by a simple LCD screen and a set of buttons.

These handheld devices were known for their compact size, innovative gameplay, and catchy jingles. The Game & Watch series introduced popular titles such as “Ball,” “Mario’s Cement Factory,” “Donkey Kong,” and “Octopus.” Players would spend hours trying to beat their high scores and complete various challenges within each game’s limitations.

What set the Game & Watch series apart was its dual-functionality as a timekeeping device. In addition to playing games, these devices also served as portable alarm clocks or watches, making them practical and versatile.

The success of the Game & Watch series paved the way for Nintendo’s future handheld endeavors, including the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo Switch. While the Game & Watch series may seem simplistic by today’s standards, its impact on the gaming industry is undeniable.

Game & Watch titles include:

Mickey Mouse
Fire Attack
Snoopy Tennis
Oil Panic
Donkey Kong
Mickey & Donald
Green House
Donkey Kong II
Mario’s Cement Factory
Donkey Kong Jr.
Mario Bros.

Tiger Electronics games include:

Double Dragon
Mortal Kombat
Ninja Gaiden
RoboCop 2 (1991)
Street Fighter II
X-Men Project X
Jurassic Park
Batman Forever
Mortal Kombat
Mega Man 2

Amazing artwork for outro was kindly provided by Reddit user Hisdudenessofchex

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  1. Jesus this is garbage. You're babbling so much I have no idea what is going on.

  2. How do I convert zip files to GNW format ? Help appreciated ..tq

  3. Looks awesome.. I was a little saddened to see the Table Top G&W version of Popeye (as well as the others: DKJR, Mario's Cement Factory, Snoopy) unsupported in this. I wonder if it's due to the graphics being stored in the cellophane material. I have seen it in some software emulation, and I saw this emulator seems to be able to support scanned backgrounds, so I was just assuming they would work. Not a big deal, but maybe someday.

  4. TBH a majority of the Tiger handhelds were trash (I had a Godzilla one growing up). Nintendo's Game & Watch series are still quite fun despite their limitations. Either way, having them playable in an FPGA form is great!

  5. can you please make a tutorial on how to screen record on teh anlaogue pocket i know its probably v simple but im totally lost.

  6. Don’t know what’s going on but all the Tiger games loads on my analogue pocket but i can’t start a game. Anyone else got the same problem?

  7. Anyone know if there’s compatibility with the few Konami G&W roms?

  8. Thanks for the Archive PCN! 🥷🕹️🤘

  9. many many thanks PCN.. I can't wait to give this a try.. many thanks especially to Agg23 for all your hard work.. 🙂

  10. Trying to find dual screen Zelda and crystal screen super Mario & balloon fight. No luck so far…

  11. Thanks as always for your content, excellent, easily one of my fav channels!

  12. My wish is someone makes the Super Mario Bros. GnW game (the 1988 version)

  13. Thank you for your tutorial. The sad thing is that Adam Gastineau is taking a break, best luck for him.

  14. There are actually 2 things on the big A site 😄 At least I found 2 with a few keywords. The other one has each file individually, they are not zipped.

  15. Thanks! I noticed there are issues with the Super Color games (Crab Grab and Spitball Sparky), where the lcd "sprites" are Invisible under the coloured background.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial. although I already converted the games with Adam’s tool I like the sneaky peek you gave us here and I might even download that pack 👍🏼

  17. lol I had no idea these old LCD games could be emulated, that's amazing

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