Ghost of Tsushima - Ninja Combat & Stealth Kills - PS5 Gameplay -

Ghost of Tsushima – Ninja Combat & Stealth Kills – PS5 Gameplay

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Welcome back to Ghost of Tsushima. Today I’ll be some more of the awesome combat this game has to offer as well as the slightly updated stealth gameplay that was introduced with the PS5 version. I absolutely love this game & I’m glad to be playing more of it for you guys. Thanks for watching 😀

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  1. Amazing game just wished there was more animations

  2. Din would be invaluable to the assassin brotherhood

  3. Hi i start the game 3 dan ago is thé best game for me i Just have a question ❓️ What the name of your hat please

  4. I wish they had make the Back Katana Funcional too, like another Stance perharps

  5. What’s the hat called and how do you get it?

  6. Does anyone know how to unlock the mission for the dance of wrath technique?

  7. どこに何があるか全て知ってる前提の動きだから動きが不自然で面白くない

  8. 시발새끼들아 그렇게나 일본 사무라이 좋냐 병신새끼들ㅏ

  9. This is the best Ghost of Tsushima gameplay I have seen! Great video great channel, thank you very much for sharing, God Bless all ❤️

  10. did you get it or all of your samurai's outfit? with the hat…

  11. For those asking how to get the hat keep upgrading the Kansai armor


  13. Bro when he presses Triangel he kills 5 people. But how?? Bc u can only kill 3 people when you press Triangel

  14. 3:35 & 7:21 And I half expected blood to shoot out of the horn after you stabbed him…..

  15. Naughty Dog just killed it with this game. People were asking for an Assassins Creed: Feudal Japan edition and Naughty Dog obliged!

  16. i move like this but i dont have that dress my player is not a shadow or ninja you can see him ronin armor with red dye brod daylight 🤣

  17. How do I get the throwing knife assassination in minute 0:39?

  18. This games so cool i love the part where he kills his uncle

  19. Bro I’m just imagining the mods when it comes to pc, gonna be awesome!

  20. Tactical and calculated play style. Nice run!! What charm load out did you use?

  21. Imagine this played with the lone wolf’s theme background music by shogun assassin ⚔️🔥

  22. That guy who was fishing didn’t deserve that though. Everyone else was on duty, but the guy enjoying his break gets shanked for no good reason.

  23. this game is so good. but i will not buy a ps5 to play it. no money brother

  24. can you tell me how did you get this straw hat and the armor please?

  25. why are you using english dub in japaness it becomes more fun he sounds very drippy

  26. How did you get that design on the refined kensei hat

  27. This games graphic is super nice🖤, Fc well please😄 K is gonna help you alot🤙

  28. I have played TLOU 2 and GOT…I don’t know how this game lost to TLOU 2😅…this game is really amazing

  29. Murrassa Gone Crazy Lol Kenny Adegeln And Beyonce Knowles. E sa yo we the ti ke Kenny.

  30. Sorry to bother you on such an old video but what is that hat?? I really want it to use the look your using it’s badass 😅

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