Giving Away 2 Tickets To A Lions Game @Ninja #nflcreatoroftheweek -

Giving Away 2 Tickets To A Lions Game @Ninja #nflcreatoroftheweek

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  1. Imagine if ninja got a low taper fade🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿

  2. A real hero goes to the upper level. Those on the lower levels can afford it and will go regardless.

  3. Imagine 1st time Liones make the playoffs in forever, only to be eliminated by GB in the NFC championship lol

  4. A gamer now hired by the NFL to sell football. Brilliant stuff once again.

  5. Kid: "Can you sign this for me"
    Ninja: "Ill take a picture🥴"

  6. Wonder what bro would look like w a low taper fade

  7. I didn't know Ellen DeGeneres was at the Detroit Lions game

  8. Love how he just handed them over to literally the first kid he saw😂😂😂

  9. This is the only time Lions will win in the playoffs they losing the next game lol 😂😅😂😆

  10. People who do this should go to the nosebleeds and give them to someone who can’t really afford going to games

  11. Can you give me some free lions tickets ninja I live in metro Detroit and a big fan 🎉🎉

  12. Dude… I just figured something out.


    Imagine if Ninja had a low taper fade. 😱

  13. He looks exactly like Ninja

  14. Imagine if ninja GOT A LOW TAPER FADE

  15. Gross… stop using this dude. He’s so old and super toxic… go get some better influencer… cmon NFL… you failed me this time…

  16. Can U Imagine If Ninja Got A Low Taper Fade?

  17. Ninja doesn't know how to sign his name?

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