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Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga – Official Unreal Engine 5 Metahuman Demo | State of Unreal 2023

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Ninja Theory showed off a new trailer using Metahuman Animator for Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga.

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  1. Un pena que no esté en PS5. Me encantaría tener 2 consolas de videjuegos pero cuestan una fortuna.

  2. This is INSANE. Look at how far we've come people. It looks more real than real life 😅

  3. Comin on Xbox in 2027 on the next console lol

  4. Im guessing this game could get an award. Just for the acting

  5. Her upper lip while talking is ALL outta wack

  6. We're reaching such a incredible level of realism these years.

  7. I'm all for this game ,
    Just make the character run a little faster please

  8. 1st senua send me to the psych ward , cant wait for this one … what a piece of art

  9. mouth seems weird, oh wait its just her.

  10. We are a 2D generation 3D algorithm team from China. If you are interested, you can take a look at our products

  11. First one was great and the biggest pleasant surprise having VNV NATION Illusion song in game

  12. And the massive Downgrade will come on actual Game.

  13. A little bit overacted for this Präsentation, but it’s looks fantastic.

  14. Less movement of that upper lip would make this look even realer than it already does.

  15. Trop bien je pensais avoir acheter une machine a 600 euros qui 3 ans après toujours pas de jeux avec le choix entre résolution ou performance 😂
    Je suis rassuré j'ai vu une demo mdrrr

  16. But if needs a 4090 to run, what's the point

  17. It’s been a long time since I’ve been absolutely stunned!

  18. The mouth movement isn't perfect but it's damn near close

  19. Still gimic, reminds me Lipsing in Star CItizen, not that bad, bud the lips micro move that doesnt make sense is still clearly visible here

  20. days without getting goosebumps watching the first trailer: 0

  21. Fantastic acting Melina!! Glad to see that graphics engines are finally powerful enough to deliver acting performance at this level. Can’t wait for Hellblade 2!

  22. Holy Moly!!!!! (and Melina is beautifull as always <3 )

  23. the upper and lower lip is still bad asf

  24. Looks amazing ⚡️🔥 can’t wait until in game play actually looks like this

  25. Welcome to the future my friends. This is insane!

  26. Wow, the first part when the actress is preparing to get into character thats all CGI mapping of her face, the hair and hair movement ?( is this the same as avatar motion capture system?)

    Then the transition with the fire reflection in the eyes, the green tint lighting on the sides, great motion capture with facial gestures , and dynamic shadow and lighting as the environment changes and the ash smudges on the skin , is that done post processing or in realtime???
    Its unreal.

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