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HITMAN 3 Ninja – True Stealth Gameplay, No Pistol !

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Playing as Ninja in HITMAN, Stealth Gameplay, No Pistol! HITMAN Trilogy
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  1. There's not a single 3rd person ninja game really ever made that even remotely resembles anything like this. Utterly baffles me. We have top down crap, we have weird OG metal gear solid camera games, we have hack and slash fantastical crap. No actual third person sneaking, climbing, planning ninja games anywhere.

  2. Thats not Stealth, those guards saw you 110%, cutting corners with coin exploits isnt impressive. Play that on Master and try again Noob.

  3. The guards is like scrooge mcduck. Got baited by coin…..

  4. CAPPPPPPPPP No way. My homie at State Dept. said no way that’s realistic. I’m sticking with Elden Ring, Sakai Jin, and Sekiro for all my ninja fixes.

  5. Eso es Un mod o el mismo juego te permite llevar un traje de ninja y una ninjato? No he jugado el juego

  6. Nah man, true stealth it's when you aren't throwing things to trick your dummy enemies. This mechanic is broken as hell.

  7. I just wish that they would make the AI in these games a little smarter..

  8. I couldn’t take more than the first two minutes that was just ridiculous

  9. this new tenchu game's graphics looks good

  10. I think you have the wrong idea of what stealth is,or ninja

  11. Not that impresive on super easy mode. I only play hard mode were you get detected way faster.

  12. Me – "how many attempts did you have to achieve this result" ?
    He – "YES"

  13. 5:08, I never thought about attacking at that angle after almost being seen! You just revealed a new technique to me!

  14. Y'know, it baffles me how they never let you unlock the Ninja suit. I mean, you unlock the katana, the shuriken, and tranq darts but not the ninja suit? I'd be completely fine with it being illegal everywhere too, I just want a ninja suit.

  15. Its funny how a guy crouching with a ninja costume in clear line of sight in a well lit corridor is just ignored

  16. Yes depends how people imagine them nowdays. Like super deadly stealth black shadow people that know so many tricks and have cool weapons and amazing physical skills.

  17. The AI not seeing you when you are crouched right next to them is stupid.

  18. Imagine if IO Interactive did a Ninja game, based on stealth & assassination.

  19. This is from Hitman 1 not Hitman 3 Dipshit.

  20. Video Games Developer should work more on their AI

  21. マジでコレがデフォルトの忍者ステルスアクションゲームリリースされないもんかねえ?

  22. Gaming GOLD, You're amazing! Let's be friends and hang out!

  23. 1:00 this is how you can tell Hitman series went downhill after Blood Money. A guard not seeing things straight in front of him is beyond ridiculous.

  24. What is being switched off in the npc’s programming when you aren’t carrying the Katana? Are you trying to say the only way they are triggered into seeing you is if you’re holding the weapon?

  25. I wonder how many runs and retries did he have to do to perfect this map?

  26. I wish games like these had sprinting instead of jogging to make gameplay like this 10x cooler

  27. can you do this in hitman 2016? cuz i can see the map is the last campaing map from 2016 so maybe u can

  28. A perfectly white and well lit room, a ninja dressed in black sneaks about, 10 meters from your face: Huh, must have been the wind.

  29. very nice video, and yes, the fact agent 47 is so invisible to guards who can see him is quite funny as a hitman 3 gamer myself

  30. Cool part is Ninjas were essentially Hitman of the Japan. They dress like normal people with tasks like infiltration and reconnaissance missions. Their weapon of choice? Exactly what 47 would use, anything they can get their hands on.
    So what about the dark uniform and katanas?
    They did exist at rare occasions, ninjas did dress in dark blue at night when they are out in the woods as camouflage but only carried gadgets and only enough weapons to use as distractions or in case of emergency. Shurikens where used in training and katanas were rather trophies like how Lugers were trophies in WW2.

  31. Dude everyone knows your playing like on the easiest level. None of this stuff was impressive. It just all looked dumb

  32. It's dumb though because seriously those angles and those distances anyone would see you lol

  33. lol this makes the AI in this game look abysmal

  34. NINJA 🥷🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻

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