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Hitman Ragdolls Compilation ep.18 (Ninja 47 Edition)

Mad Tobias
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Hitman Ragdolls Compilation ep.18 (Ninja 47 Edition)
In this episode we are exploring Mendoza with ninja costume

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  1. Stop making these mad accounts it's real Annoying

  2. I wish they released that suit for all levels on consoles

  3. Tú presidente es muy malo y está muy enfermo oo. :v

  4. el diablo te va a visitar esta noche 666 says:


  5. At 0:30 when he just opens the door. The guard” Thanks shadowy figure wait…..”

  6. Every time theres a mad at the start of the username and its just compilations. Its a bot. Example: mad trevor. Mad tobias, etc

  7. Играем за меченного)

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  9. 3:34 “A man has fallen into a river in Lego City! Start the new rescue helicopter.”

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