How Ninja makes $500,000 per month playing Fortnite -

How Ninja makes $500,000 per month playing Fortnite

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If you’ve heard of Fortnite, you’ve probably heard of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins — the gaming world’s biggest star. He sits down with CNN to talk about how he makes a living from playing video games, and what’s next for the gamer.

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  1. I’d almost rather work somewhere crappy than play fortnite for money. I don’t quite understand the hype around it.

  2. Now let's see how many bans he can do for stream sniping him.

  3. he looks like death warmed up – is it affecting his health?

  4. People who complain are the ones who will never make it far in life

  5. 142 days a year just to sit and play game. I definitely can do anything in that amount of days he spend.. Anything meaningless..

  6. People don't give ninja credit, he basically open the door for the gaming community, now people can have a career in gaming, thanks to ninja, he's an entrepreneur

  7. I always wonder if he takes all the money from the charity events. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  8. Wish I could have streamed Duck Hunt on the NES when I was a kid…. I could retire now.

  9. Why the fuck is he wearing a red bull jacket hes not an athlete

  10. Frying your brains, eyes, shoulder, spine and back for some money .. Give it to CNN to worship such techno-trash…

  11. ninja is not earning money he is begging money

  12. People who disliked work 9-5 for 10$ an hr 🤣

  13. And you know why he makes all that money? Because of you who support him and he doesn’t give back to anyone, because of you “Poor guy reading that watch him” he makes money, I don’t support him or watch him or anything I’m here because of the $1M EA gave him and I wanted to know if that was true🙄

  14. Does this mean I should not complain about my grandsons playing these games all the time? Crazy.

  15. Those who suck watch.
    There's alot of suck.

  16. He's so awkward "I MaKe HaLf A mILlIoN dOlLeRs!" Omg we didn't ask

  17. "How long how have you streamed"
    Ninja: 3800 hours
    Me: wondering how he streamed 3800 in 2 days

  18. I want to buy a car that is 300,000
    So he has to give me all that money

  19. He’s 30 million dollars now richer lol

  20. CNN: People make money from video games

    Also CNN: GTA IV Causes violence and ruins creativity!

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  24. The fact that streamers who earn millions a year from subscriptions, endorsements, and ad revenue, still take 5 or 10 dollar donations from viewers is shameful.

    The viewers do it because it's the only way for them to get the streamers undivided attention for 30 seconds and they adore those people.

    If you are Ninja, and you are able to earn at least 500k a month, you should be giving your donations to charity or not taking them to begin with.

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  26. Ninja is so fucking famous in all the world

  27. Mrs Tessy is legit and her method works like magic I keep earning every single week with her new strategy

  28. I would rather be broke than sit at a computer playing video games all day.

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