How to play Ninja: Group Games -

How to play Ninja: Group Games

Hogwa5h Gaming
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This is a great game if you have a lot of people standing around with a lot of energy. You don’t need any equipment, just a good amount of space, a good battle cry, and ninja-like reflexes.

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  1. It's so much more entertaining cause he has the ghi on.

  2. Loved your video 😂 I searched for so long trying to figure out what this game was and called

  3. We have been playing this one differently with our youth group, where you get all four limbs (like Monty Python and the Black Knight)… and it's pretty fun that way, but super tough when you only have one leg left. Thanks Hogwa5h… your demo will be shown tomorrow at our group for sensei training.

  4. another youth pastor here… thank you sensei

  5. I randomly asked someone “lets play ninja” naturally, because i used to play or watch it all the time ……barely anyone knew what i was talking about 🥹… but at least i can teach a few people 😅

  6. 1:34 Ahhhh…only 8 years ago. Such a breath of fresh air. A simpler time when you could just make a simple statement like this without worrying about the BHM(Blue Haired Mafia) coming for you😂

  7. This is such a fun video! I've been using this to teach Ninja to my improv classes for years now. Thanks! Glad to see you are still making videos!

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