How to unlock the Ninja Gaiden armour in Rise of the Rōnin 🥷#riseoftheronin -

How to unlock the Ninja Gaiden armour in Rise of the Rōnin 🥷#riseoftheronin

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Here’s how to unlock Ryu Hayabusa’s Ninja Gaiden armour in Rise of the Rōnin on PS5…

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  1. Where exacly i can found him ? Because after 50h of playing he can olnly help me with quests. I started second region just now.

  2. This is not the hayabusa armor it's a recolor of iga

  3. At what point do you find him? I tried to find him in Edo and Yokohama but I couldn’t find him do you know where he is?

  4. Beautiful loop edit on this short 👩‍🍳👌

  5. Game is so good platinumed already took 80 hours😭

  6. Be grateful the game isn’t 1/3 as hard as a Ninja Gaiden title.

  7. Yes, compared to other games out today and even the Xbox one days; the graphics are ehhhhh. They’ve already released an update or two. Stability and bug fixes but it already plays better. The mf combat though 😭 The multiple styles to learn on a single weapon. Switching weapons or stances mid combo then blade flashing for more stamina and continuing the combo and then end it off with a critical hit while taking multiple limbs off your enemy. Sorry but your guys’ Elden Ring and Souls games have nothing on this COMBAT. (I only said combat) For anyone that might be butt hurt from that last statement 😂

  8. Il doivent nous faire un ninja gaiden 4 !

  9. How do you unlock that smoke bomb emote?

  10. Does his quest line also comes with the sword

  11. Just give him cigars until he gives you the armor lol

  12. That is not how he sounds or what his amor looks like at all

  13. @PlayStationAccess thank you. Great knowledge to have

  14. Can you even get the dragon sword? I only see the Armour

  15. PLEASE tell me these ''preorder bonuses with nioh and ninja guiden can be unlocked without pre order, if its locked behind preorder and never again its absolutly devastating to think about,
    i didnt preorder so how can i get this

  16. Rise of the Ronin offers so much freedom and so many possibilities.🥰🏯

  17. Thanks for the tips! I've been thinking of getting this game and Stellar Blade

  18. I did not realize Commodore Matthew Perry was represented in this game??? Now I'm sold lmao

  19. When is the earliest you can do this? I'm also curious what it looks like on female characters.

  20. Where’s his dojo? I know it’s in edo but what is the exact location?

  21. The only black ninja outfit in this game i think, but where is this dojo?

  22. I don’t have the option to train against him at his dojo. Just other characters, must be missing something.

  23. Damn is it bad I wanna buy the game because of this! I went with dragon dogma 2 instead dangit

  24. Damn is it bad I wanna buy the game because of this! I went with dragon dogma 2 instead dangit

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