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I became a VR Ninja in Hyper Dash! This game was the best multiplayer VR shooter I’ve played so far. Grinding and shooting robots will never not be fun. Hope you guys like this video! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. The sniper is hard to use when your running around and people are everywhere

  2. I have to get use to these vr games I can not keep my balance while standing especially gliding across them rails 😂

  3. I have played this game and when I joined everyone was so nice and when I got first everyone was congratulating me and it is so fun

  4. i love that this game dosen't have tryhard so it's actually fun, and i have played thyis a lot and i love it

  5. And there is like combos and stuff so like for example the supressed smg and a sheild, a smg (of any kind) and the shotgun, and two smg's (of any kind)

  6. And if u play it more you will get used to the spots that are the best like camping spots, a cover with a healer nearby, if u see someone with a sheild alot of the time the toes or knees are going through the sheild so u can shoot those also u can tp behind them and then kill them from the behind

  7. To kill a guy with a shield you have to shot their feet

  8. just so you know you can sprint by holding the b button on your controler

  9. I don’t know if you figured this out, I’m only halfway through the vid, but the purple pistols (shock pistols) can be charged and they create a explosion upon impact with a object/player.

    Also if you hold the trigger on the rocket, you can use the red dot to guide the rocket to a enemy. These two weapons are my strong suit so I know a bit about them.

  10. You have to press the y button like a walkie talkie so your team can hear you talk…

  11. If you look at the score board almost everyone was a bot. (Translation not a ninja) 😂

  12. You can also charge up the pew pew thing you thought was the rocket launcher

  13. my dad is going to get one so I can play with you and I hope because you are my favorite gamer

  14. Do you know sit up he plays video games to on a VR

  15. Team you are cool I watch your videos since 100k

  16. I just started playing last night. Its so fun. ❤

  17. I love how in the first round he talks to the bots thinking there humans

  18. Please play that more. I like this game and I like to see you. Play it again, see you in the next video. Bye i'm by the way jesus loves you great day

  19. 😎😎😎😎🤑🤘🤘👍👍👍👍👍

  20. My son plays this game all the time and he loves it so much that he plays all day

  21. After watching this, people must hate me, I'm to sweaty/good

  22. So basically it’s overwatch………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..but good

  23. If you want to kill player with a shield go behind them and shoot them

  24. Somehow im level 32 and youre making my aim look bad 🤣

  25. The traing reminds me of evho arena its the voice tho but i got pretty good with 2 days of practice i got 48 kills in 1 match thats my record

    If you made it here ⬇️


  26. When I play I’m so slow and can barely move

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