I Had to CARRY @CouRage This Game… | NINJA - brownebrand.com

I Had to CARRY @CouRage This Game… | NINJA

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Had a great run in the Mothership UFO this game, and managed to collect every golden gun with CouRage!
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  1. Ninja is so wierd he had 100HP and 92shield and he drank a shield

  2. I love you and it's good to have ninja back

  3. I noticed that ninja channel is going down in the deep 😯

  4. Didn't know ninja was still even playing fortnite awesome

  5. If you took a little time editing n aiming in this game. You’d be back to top tier. There’s jus little subtleties you don’t do. But I could only imagine getting stream sniped by thousands.

  6. I heard that if I say the channel’s name 3 times the owner will pin me so let’s find out : Ninja, Ninja, Ninja

  7. الحين نووووووب اتوقع انا ادعسه

  8. This game dead before 2 years .. stop playing . It for kids only 😂😂😂😂

  9. I don’t know he cool and all but is this like borderline bot lobbies?? Cause I’m my games people a lil more intuitive and active

  10. The box up next to ninjas box was too funny tbh

  11. Remember when Ninja was the biggest streamer and arguably best Fortnite player in the world.

  12. man i miss the full games you uploaded these short clips are cutting out the fun!

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