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I-Ninja – Game Over (GameCube)

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Requested by Coral Twining.
I-Ninja was released in 2003 on the Nintendo GameCube.
The character in I-Ninja has a number of acrobatic abilities that are used to defeat the Ranx army led by Master O-Dor.
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  1. Sensei:
    Your training is over, Ninja. Next time, be more careful.
    Will skills like that, you'll never learn to become one of us.
    The Academy always claim those who don't learn how to survive…
    Your training is over. Recklessness like that will get someone killed.
    Your training is over. Next time, before careful.
    Emperor O-Dor:
    Oh my, your training is over! Quite the pity…
    I've seen all of you learned how to lose! (Laughs manically)
    Game over. Goodbye to your mentor and your Academy friends!
    Alas, my ninja, your mentor and Academy friends are mine! AHAHAHAHA!
    HAHAHAHA! That's the end of your training session!

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