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I Played EVERY Naruto Clash of Ninja Game in 2022 | Part 1

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I’ve been itching to come back to Naruto after the Ultimate Ninja/Ultimate Ninja Storm videos so I played every Naruto: Clash of Ninja game in 2022! This is part 1 and covers the first half of games. Part 2 should be out soon!

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00:00 Intro
01:17 Naruto: Clash of Ninja
08:20 Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2
14:49 Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 3
18:09 Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 4
22:35 Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution
28:25 Outro


  1. What do you like more? Ultimate Ninja (including the Storm games) or Clash of Ninja?

  2. You and I have the same experience when it comes to Clash 2.
    It was the first ever Naruto game I played and it peaked my interest in the series. I always say it was the Abridged series that did that, but I think this game helped some as well.

  3. Haven’t even watched the video yet but thank you for making this, the CoN/GNT Series of games are my absolute favorite game representations of Naruto (GNT 4 being my favorite game of all time), and I hope more people see how cool the series is thanks to this video. Hope it comes back one day 🙁

  4. I love clash of ninja 2 for the GameCube. So great video series

  5. Awesome. Plus, you even acknowledged Revolution games on the Wii!

  6. A new niosai video? Lets go! Keep coming out with the great content! God loves us and God Bless!

  7. This series is the shit! Needed this working on a Saturday morning 💯👏🏽

  8. Just finished the storm video to see this freshly uploaded

  9. Niosai! I don't even know what the video is of I just saw you and trusted the process.

  10. there whole English mod for naruto GNT4 called super GNT4 also has full competitive scene

  11. funny enough, i was actually looking for this series

  12. I have bad news for you. The clash of ninja games have DS counterparts in form of the Naruto Ninja Destiny games… Have fun (I realy liked those as a child)

  13. YES, PLEEEEAASE try the Ninja Council games, they're god tier. Or at least they were to me when I first played them as a kid. I wish it had continued as a series all the way to the end of the story, it was awesome.

  14. thanks for covering clash of ninja series revolution 1 2 and 3 were my child hood

  15. gekitou ninja taisen 4 is also more fast like u said but Also combos are better cause of the trajectory times and distances characters get launched can't really explain its kinda difficult to do

  16. Clash of Ninja is definitely my favorite series of Naruto games

  17. the memories playing this on gamecube with my homies after school

  18. Yay you finally spoke of the one Naruto game I played as a kid. Now I can finally unsubscribe and forget about you 🙃

  19. My order for me: Naruto Storm > Naruto Clash of Ninja > Naruto Ultimate Ninja. Also seriously you should play Naruto Rise of a Ninja and The Broken Bond for Xbox 360 !

  20. Have you ever played the Zatch Bell games? They're a lot of fun

  21. Awesome video! Minor nitpick though. In GNT4, there’s a cancel mechanic (by tapping the “y” button) that allows you to extend combos by sacrificing a small percentage of chakra. This would be used a lot in competitive play of the game.

  22. One of the greats 👍thanks for sharing I can only imagine how long this kind of stuff really takes which makes you appreciate the content even more.

  23. is "i played every naruto mugen game" gonna be next?

  24. I really wanna see those Naruto Ninja Council games some time ^-^

  25. When you play rise of ninja and broken i gotta let you know that you will have a really good time

  26. Clash of Ninja Revolution has a special place in my heart for being my first Naruto game ever, followed by the Ninja Council series (I really loved those games). I feel nostalgic right now 😁

  27. I would also mention that, the buffs unlockables from the shop in Clash of Ninja 2 and later on aren’t really buffs for the story mode or other modes, but rather handicap equips you can use in the multiplayer and Versus mode if you wished to. Like if you wanted the chakra to be unlimited for both characters, just equip and go ham with it for a match or two. Just wanted to point it out!

  28. When I get a laptop I’m gonna immediately download Gekitou ninja taisen 4 and ultimate ninja 5, both games I used to always want as a kid. I always envious of japan for having them and very confused as to why America didn’t

  29. I am always amazed how much work you put in your "I played every…" series. So many in depth details and you even dive in versions, that are not in English.

    Can"t wait for the 2nd. episode. 👍🤘

  30. clash of ninja 2 was one of the few games i owned for my gamecube as well as being the first fighting game i owned
    i remember not having a memory card so everytime i played the game, i tried to speedrun the game so i could get the points to unlock Akamaru in versus mode so i can play as the funny little dog
    this game definitely holds a special place in my heart

  31. I didn't expect you to make this one, and i do NOT hate it at all, this is like a hot ramen at a rainy day

  32. I remember playing the second game when I was like 5, was also my only experience to the naruto series besides the og series’ ice ninja and mechanical knights movie(s).

    With the only thing I can remember doing in game being the versus mode where I liked using the puppet because I thought it was cool.

  33. The American branch brought in players from the competitive scene before the launch of Revolution 3 to get help with balancing and gameplay adjustments from people who really lived and breathed these games. May be something you'll want to mention when that game comes along. As a competitive player myself, it's night and day how much better that game plays compared to everything else after GNT4, which was generally considered the only gold standard before Rev 3 came out.

    If you'd like, take a look at Super Clash of Ninja 4 too. It's a fan made mod for GNT4 which adds an absolute crap ton of content and balance fixes, attempting to create the very best CoN experience. It has an active internet tournament scene. It's insanely impressive!

  34. I’d pay double for a clash of ninja revival on switch

  35. Brooo I literally just had Naruto Clash of the ninja revolution 2 that i borrowed from the library and then this comes out

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