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I Played EVERY Naruto: Ultimate Ninja HEROES Game In 2022

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Part 2, baby! I played every Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes game in 2022 and here’s my thoughts! Ultimate Ninja Storm is up next! Stay tuned. 🙂

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0:00 Intro
00:52 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes
05:24 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress
10:45 Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
17:32 Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact


  1. I remember ninja impact and my whole friend squad went crazy seeing the gameplay and stuff

  2. Why does this guy sound like choji it's actually cool

  3. I was obsessed with ultimate ninja heroes 2 phantom fortress I must have played through both story modes at least 50 times each

  4. I wish they created a Heroes
    4 game, now that the series is finished

  5. The naruto heroes are just the naruto ultimate ninja on ps2

  6. Played heroes 1 on psp. Then later on emulator where I play on phone and pc for heroes 1 upto impact. Such good times

  7. me Just playing Naruto ultimate ninja heroes on PPSSPP when i just completed it i just Delete the data on the game again and again

  8. CENSORED TO BUILD ANTICIPATION lol I love this video, it takes me back, I played all of these games and mostly Impact. Loved every moment of it, especially when I went crazy with the Susanoo. I even managed to play the Story mode mission against Itachi with Sasukes Susanoo, it was epic.

  9. Man I loooved the UNH-Games for PSP. It was my only console (besides Gameboys). Really miss those times.

  10. As a kid, I saw footage of Heroes 2 (just Heroes in Japan) and asked for Heroes when it came out, only to find out they were different games. I also remember being SO HYPED for 3 because it was technically Ultimate Ninja 6 in Japan!

    As someone who was bummed out the U.S skipped UN5, I was so excited back then.

  11. I FORGOT ABOUT ULTIMATE NINJA IMPACT. Probably the sickest title and logo in the series. I really enjoyed how it was, in some ways, Storm 2 on the PSP!

  12. Naruto Ultimate Hero’s 3 was the Best! I had almost every Naruto game

  13. I had all these games. The last game I bought but didn't play past the opening. I was alone house sitting only to find out it was haunted lol. That preoccupied me. That's for that memory. I must have traded that last game in.

  14. Why you should play Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact:
    2.Good story
    3.VERY good awakening
    Tell Me what do you think

  15. I instantly thought "oh, they copied kingdom hearts chain of memories"

  16. Impact the best among all psp's Naruto games but wish it had impact 2

  17. if y'all are wondering how long are the stories in these games

    -naruto ultimate ninja heroes 2 has its own story the mugenjo it has 100 floors and it will take you like 8 to 9 hours but even if you trying to Speedrun the game it will take you 6 to 7 hours to beat the game

    -Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja heroes 3 begins in the very 1st episode of the anime and it will end before the sasuke vs itachi fight and if im not mistaken it has e separate story too exclusively for the psp. it will take you 10 to 11 hours to beat the game including the separate story

    -Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja impact story begins in the first episode of the anime and will end in the start of five kage summit. it will take you 11 hours to beat the story

  18. aren't naruto ultimate ninja and hero the same thing? for the ps2

  19. NUNH 1 is the most nostalgic one for me <3 played this game when i was 6 years old

  20. Imagine playing as Madara in the 4th Great Ninja War in Impact's gamestyle. Sounds fricking amazing

  21. I like Ninja Heroes 2 the most. The combat is way better, with faster, more aggressive and even grab the opponents. Ninja Heroes 3 is better in term of content but I feel like they simplified a bit of gameplay because of 4 players. Impact is also great, but the fact that there's no Free Battle mode like Ninja Heroes 3 sucks. After completing 100% of Impact, I have nothing else to do and I don't even feel like replaying the levels again. Like…we can't choose which opponents and which stages to fight at all, which is why Impact is my least favorite. Even a "not so great" game called Akatsuki Rising has 1v1 mode where we can freely choose opponents and stages

  22. ultimate ninja impact despite it playing closer to a dynasty warrior game. it also plays strikingly close to Storm 2

  23. bro forgot kezuni drive and akatsuki legends

  24. I've played the PS2 games a lot and I've become interested in the PSP ones recently because I never got to play them and my PSP died. It's so good to have a emulator on my pc now!

  25. Ultimate ninja heroes 3 is my least favorite of the ultimate ninja games that i played so far, the story mode, sure it's just shippuden which is normally but after An original 1 like phantom fortress i prefer the story mode in the second game & the rankings are janky, in battle missions finishing with an ultimate jutsu is a pretty mich garanteed S rank & in action mission you don't have enough time to fight all those enemies unless the game wants you to beat them all & even with 0 kills in a action stage it's still pretty much a garanteed S rank, but that is the least of my concerns & those i just mentioned are more just little nitpicks, what i do hate however enough to dislike heroes 3 is that the majority of the spaces are not even the red story spaces, over half of them are the blue mission ones which is already annoying, but then there is what happens when your atleast 1 short on friends to help, instead of filling the slots that don't have a player, that slot just get's not used at all so your team is smaller (unless the game chooses the characters for you) & your opponents do not get nerfed so being with less makes it harder, up to B rank mission this gives a fun challenge but starting from A rank (& ofcourse it's even worse on S rank) if it's a battle mission & you solo it, your gonna start needing to spam the best justu that you have as the best character that you have & have the best tactic you have equipped & even then you still have to lucky both almost flawless & even then still extremely lucky, all at the same time, there are even 2 of those S rank mission on mandatory path so because of those 2 it was a teadious (forgot how you spell correctly & english is my second language) pain to solo even just beating sasuke's story, but 100% on either 1 of the stories is just practicly mandatory to play in multiplayer & i as far as i remember there is no online either, so you pretty much are required to either another player to be around or i believe it was called parsec to be able to get 100%, oh & though S rank is the highest rank, it still keeps getting worse the more S rank missions you do & the Boss battles that take place in action stages also suck because just like some regular enemies, they can attack during their knockback which makes it annoying to attack back & impossible to combi, so imo ultimate road is actual garbage for single player, mid for 2 or 3 players & bad for 4 player (the only mission that are 4 players get are the ones where you have to break boxes & stuff & a good story is to me the most important so if you like heroes 3, that's fine, i respect it ofc., but personally i hate it so much that i ragequited (after beating both stories), deleted the game of my emulator (emudeck (PPSSPP)) & deleted the save files, all i'm keeping for now is it's unique menu screen that normally just appears when you hover on it the PSP menu as i do like that on my emulator as background

  26. 20:11 if either or a boss opponent of is awoken a form that as a playable character is an awoken during those clashes, the 1 who is awoken automaticly wins the clash, i don't know what happens if both are awoken when that happens though

  27. "tiny bit visually"
    no their scaled down ALOT visually

  28. You ahould also check out akatsuki rising and the other naruto game on psp,from my pov both are just the same things as ultimate ninja impact but with lesser story to them kinda like dlcs in a way or did you already do a video on them already

  29. Ultimate Ninja Impact is basically Ninja storm 2 but scaled down for PSP. Then again it actually had more content then ninja storm 2 and the gameplay is just sooo Good

  30. When you said "that was it for the psp games" that's a lie. Although not from the Ultimate Ninja/Heroes collection, they did come out for the psp because I still have copies of them… Naruto Shippuden Legends: Akatsuki Rising and Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive. And I find it funny that you talked about Ninja Impact even though you yourself said that it might as well been its own game. Maybe you didn't know because you didn't research that well or you knew and you didn't want to add them but don't say you played ALL Naruto games for the psp because you didn't.

  31. They did the dynasty warriors type game with one piece well they did 4 pirate warriors games theres hyrule warriors now i think its time for naruto warriors

  32. Samurai warriors: we have ninja characters 😂
    Naruto ultimate ninja impact: how cute 😂😂

  33. Student Naruto’s costume looks like post time. Skip Boruto.

  34. UNH 1 mains: Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, Lee, Tsunade, Kiba, Jiraiya, Itachi and Kakashi

    UNH 2 Mains: Shizune

    Shippuden UNH Mains: Pain(Diva/Yahiko), Deidara, Kabuto(Orochimaru skin), Asuma, suigetsu and Minato

  35. Ultimate ninja impact have removed some characters from the games. The only main supporting characters that are in the game are lee, shikamaru, gaara, might gai and hinata. Neji, tenten, ino, choji, shino and kiba and a few others were cut out. Bee, Ei and danzo are added. But did not add the mizukage and tsuhikage.

  36. I always play Naruto Impact(And yeah the content of my channel)
    But i use it with mods so it looks like the storm games
    Since im in mobile…

  37. I'm pretty sure Ultimate Ninja Heroes 1 only came out in the west and the second game we got was the first one released in Japan, because we weren't as far in the Anime story-wise

  38. I loved Naruto Imapct, it would be nice to get a full blown sequel on modern consoles!

  39. Can you play these games on PS5 with the Playstation plus? Please reply.

  40. One of the major disappointments of Ultimate Ninja Impact for me is that no matter how amazing the story and gameplay in general is, there was no versus mode included. Only then it would have been a true portable Storm game and probably the best in the series and I still can't fathom how it never came to be. I was also super hyped to see the trailer for it and could barely wait for its release

  41. i love naruto impact, when will be a other naruto impact game coming out. or a open world game

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