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I Played EVERY Naruto: Ultimate Ninja HEROES Game In 2022

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Part 2, baby! I played every Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes game in 2022 and here’s my thoughts! Ultimate Ninja Storm is up next! Stay tuned. 🙂

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0:00 Intro
00:52 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes
05:24 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress
10:45 Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
17:32 Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact


  1. Is it just me or did he really just notice ninjutsu charges in ultimate heroes 3 instead of from the ps 2 games in the previous videos?

  2. Interestingly, UNH2 has a number of differences with its Japanese counterpart, Narutimate Portable. NP uses UN2 combo strings and jutsus (example: Naruto has his standard one-man combos, and uses Shadow Wind Bomb and Sexy Jutsu), while UNH2 uses UN3-like movesets (Naruto attacks using his shadow clones, and has the chargeable Rasengan along with his Ninja Handbook). In addition, Heroes mode is non-existant in the Japanese version.

  3. sauske’s combo in heroes 3 is absolutely perfection

  4. Can we play this game online now? Really want play it online

  5. Can we play this game online now? Really want play it online

  6. They should get the Legacy Collection 🙂

  7. Props for actually using the GBA version of the Traverse Town theme for the joke!

  8. meh

    ultimate ninja heroes 3 is so simplified and sometimes unfair I don't really like it

    everything seems so empty and rushed and fights alone are too easy until far in the story where characters just spam substitution jutsu unlike ultimate ninja heroes 2

    It had 4 combos tied to d-pad and one ended with throwing an opponent back or upwards… and you can do it without a combo too while in heroes 3 there's just two combos. Transformations were tied to the secret moves but lasted longer than in heroes 3 and there were 2 special moves tied to triangle and down/up on the d-pad instead of just one.

    it offered better gameplay variety and less predictable AI and it's physics engine was simply amazing – you could feel attacks hitting characters and the impact of techniques on characters and sound mixing was immersive and impactful too – it added to the feeling that what you see is really happening. Sense of speed was better than in heroes 3 as well – animations matched the speed of characters perfectly while in heroes 3 this is off for slower characters.

    I really don't see why would someone pick something that inferior because of images and other content that is optional

  9. Love this video. The Psp games were a huge part of my childhood. The nostalgia hits different

  10. Something about the cell shading in these psp ones is so nostalgic

  11. Impact was basically the best way to experience Naruto in game form for the longest time. I still argue that you have to combine Storm 3&4 to even get close to it. The Warriors style gameplay + real boss battles means it had more variety than the others, but it didn't sacrifice the story for it either. It's so in-depth and doesn't skip anything important up to the part where it stops. It has so many interesting ideas for game modes and oozes effort to the point where it is a miracle that it even fit on the PSP.

  12. Impact was my absolute favorite game to play, the content was really dense and the quicktime events were my favorite part as I didnt have a ps3 to enjoy the storm games that had cinematics like it

  13. The side scrolling beat em up mode in naruto Shippuden ultamate heroes 3 look very fun to me.

  14. U missed naruto shippuden kizuna drive btw loved the video😄

  15. I only played the first Heroes game until my PSP with it got stolen in middle school. The game and it's trailer is still nostalgic for me.

  16. I think Impact belongs to the storm series despite the title. It came out before storm 3 and I was excited to see the mob mechanic be a part of the storm 3 but it felt underwhelming. I love Impact I spend 100 hours I would prefer if it had a versus mode but for a Psp game to bring the story up to the five Kage summit was impressive. The Heroes games was also a fun addition I played them all and yes I think I complete all the battle on the first heroes before I moved to the second. I love the original story on both heroes but I would have like if the had a story mode base on part 1.

  17. As much as I loved Heroes 3 I never could get it to work on ANYYYYYY emulator, always just a black screen

  18. Omg these were super fun! Ur friend didnt even need the game to play

  19. Can you give us the link to ultimate ninja heroes 3? I was never able to find the english version

  20. Would be nice if you showed the full character rosters but otherwise great vid

  21. Impact is more like a Pre-Storm than an UN Heroes

  22. Raiva de não sabe inglês pra ler as legendas 🤡 cês Americanos e espanhol tem muita sorte hahaha

  23. YES! Ultimate Ninja Impact is literally my childhood! I've been playing this back in the day and replaying this game over and over as a kid. I really enjoyed it then. The only pet peeve on mine is some dialogues are repeating when fighting and it gets annoying over time.

  24. i remember putting over 100 hrs on impact
    i really wanted a sequel to it

  25. Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 was my favorite!! I played it all the time.

  26. Ultimate ninja impact was an absolute banger of a game ngl

  27. Heroes 3 wireless mode is the best
    Sometimes i used to play with my brothers and be like you 3 on 1 as long as i can increase my level it's like boss fight but you are fighting a human so it's much harder for every one

  28. Btw for wireless co-op it works best if you’re actually using a psp I have two modded ps vita’s that have UN3 on them and me and my homie wireless play over the WiFi connection it’s dumb easy but it really only works if you have a legit psp and are not emulating it..

  29. an interesting thing about Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 – you didn't really need multiple copies to play with others. If you installed the game to memory stick, you were able to play the game without the UMD inserted. The game only checks for the UMD at specific load points, so if that happens, you just swapped the UMD around and voila, 4 player versus with one copy.
    That's how it was played by me and my classmates back when the game was new.

  30. Most of this games in this video specially Ninja heroes 3 and Ninja Impact are my most played games on my psp back then

  31. UNH2's Mugenjo's mode can be replayed again but you'll have access to all characters and powers etc

  32. Bro, a dynasty warriors Naruto game would be amazing, playing as Madara and plowing through the shinobi alliance like in the 4th ninja war would be amazing

  33. Ultimate ninja heroes 2 was the best because of the whole Mugen mimick.

  34. Why impact is with the heroes serie lol ?

  35. PSP Naruto games were so good, sad that Sony gave up on the PSP and Vita, and we never got any more handheld PlayStations.

  36. So… Did everyone just forget Akatsuki Rising?

    Was that game my fever dream?

  37. Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact is my favorite Naruto game ever, I've finished it 3 times

  38. I didn't know about ultimate ninja heroes

  39. Wish they did a hd remaster of the series

  40. Got kinda confused when you mentioned that some moves can be charged up from the UNH3 game when there already was for the phantom fortress ngl

  41. 4th great ninja war would make more sense using Dynasty warrior style gameplay, missed opportunity to make more of this

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