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I Played EVERY Naruto: Ultimate Ninja STORM Game In 2022

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I played every Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm game in 2022. This means that I’ve now covered every single Ultimate Ninja game ranging from the PS2, PSP, and now modern consoles. It’s been a wild ride!

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
10:48 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
17:04 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
22:11 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
28:22 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
35:21 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
43:54 (Mention) Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy
44:19 (Mention) Ultimate Ninja Blazing
44:55 Outro


  1. And now he just noticed the triple jump dash in the storm series??? Don't mind me, just nitpicking

  2. Interesting to hear a casual perspective on the series. Your opinion on Generations is particularly interesting because the substitution bar is basically what made the battle system competitive (read: good) even though I loved the previous entries as well. I'm pretty sure it's up there in terms of the hours I put into it. Honestly, your opinion of the game is the complete opposite of mine. If I wanted to watch the anime, I'd just watch the anime (better animation or not) so I really didn't like when the story mode went with that style. 4 is the obvious peak for the franchise and it's a shame we didn't get at least one more entry more focused on Boruto.

  3. I played the first Storm game as a little kid who didn't know the Naruto or English. This is the first time I've seen a mission in that game lol, I just knew how to battle with the computer and my dad. Now 15 years later and I've watched the the series 2,5 times and am a big fan. I just started playing Shinobi Striker

  4. i just bought storm 1 and its a pain in the ass

  5. I played both the mobile and online game! The mobile game was pretty fun, but I didn't play it enough to rank up my characters. The chibi models were nice and the ultimate jutsus sometimes had clips from the show. Naruto online had you create a character (or use the model of one from the show) and go on missions in a 3 by 3 square battle formation. Both were pretty fun at the time lol

  6. Maybe for these multipart videos after you’ve uploaded all of them you could make a compilation video like, I played every “X” game (full series) or something like that.

  7. The naruto universe is so great that i think they should do a open world online version where you create and build your character

  8. Storm 3 the best one, followed by 2 then 4, then 1

  9. “I played every Naruto: ultimate ninja storm game so you don’t have to 👍”

  10. storm revolution takes my <3 i played it the most when it came out back in the day and even played it for few years

  11. Bro for the future for Larger Roster type of games you should just list the number of characters on the roster that way the viewers can know how many they are working with. Just a suggestion, keep up the great work

  12. You do very little analysis in these videos.

  13. I always wanted to play the Storm games, but the original Ultimate Ninja franchise got me on a nostalgic trip that I felt like they are better imo lmao

  14. Storm 1 was visually the most beautiful, love running on the walls, and loved pressing the buttons super quick to do ultimate jutsu rather than the later ones where it just happens

  15. Speaking of Ninjas, you should do a video on Senran Kagura (I swear I'm not meming, it's a legitimately good series after the first two games, and the pretty bad first game was remade and that remake is the peak of the series so far)

  16. I hate with a passion that they got rid of the NUNS 1 story mode style !!! NUNS 1 is still the best game !

  17. Whats needed is a Naruto Rpg specific game without the story "hub" mode methods incorporating the complete Naruto series.

  18. The hide n seek missions were my nightmare when I decided to finish 100% of the game

  19. Storm 1 had really good combat ngl
    They shouldve adapted it to newer games

  20. i would love if we got a bleach game with storm style of gameplay

  21. 34:19 wait.. so u can have a 4 players battle mode? that alone could make it really good for party game with friends

  22. never sell a game ever again! you know what will happen!

  23. Storm 4 is definitely the best when it comes to gameplay. It's by far the most refined (obviously) storm 2 is my favorite though just because it covers my favorite period in naruto in the story. That being said storm 2, 3, and 4 are all incredible games in their own right. Even storm 1, generations, and revolution were super good in their own ways

  24. My brother was so mad how lame generations was. Compared to the other games

  25. These games are so much fun! Unfortunately Generations and Revolution were never remastered…

    But am I really going to buy these games for a fifth time…? 😭

    Also, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy was also released physically on PlayStation 4 in Europe, not just the Legacy pack. 😁

  26. I wish I could play naruto ultimate ninja storm genarataions and revolution since I bought ultimate ninja storm 1,2,3 and 4 on nintendo switch

  27. I notice storm 4 is missing stages from storm 3 like Samaria bridge under and hidden leaf village part 1 and waterfall of truth evening and others they need to add the stages from storm 3 to storm 4 as a update

  28. These games would have been perfect if they had anime's OST 🙁

  29. Something i loved about Storm 2 that was a nice callback to UN4, is that during the Pen Pal side things to increase character affections, you can actually get a letter from Aoi from the beginning of UN4. So, it's nice to see that to show that its Ultimate Ninja Canon. Also, just gotta say, when it comes to the Generations story mode animated cutscenes, I LOVE Killer Bee's, he's one of my favorite characters ever cuz of his rapping rhythm and rhyme way of talking, and i love how his cutscenes are him rapping about the next guy he fights in his story, and after he beats them, they become beat up background dancers for his Rap Tour

  30. Never understood why they cut back on some of the combos
    Forward, backward, up, down, neutral turned into up, down, neutral at some point
    Was sad

  31. my question is why the hell is this guy so underrated

  32. In Storm 4, Armor Break does affect the gameplay. It causes a character to take more damage

  33. I played Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 in 2013, and that introduced me to Naruto for the first time. I was hooked, watched the entire Naruto series right after I finished the game.

  34. Storm Generations and Storm 4 are my ultimate favorite games

  35. I agree with your opinion in most of the subjects but honestly, for me Storm 1 will remain the most Unique one from the series and the closest to the anime itself because of the very dynamic gameplay features, my reasons: Intro of characters before the encounter, unique jutsus that didn't came back to the other Storm games, longer and diverse movesets for almost any character, Awakenings in Storm 1 have also Ultimate Jutsus, Jutsus Clashes and Wall Fighting… and I can go on and on to state it why Storm 1 gameplay was the most unique one from the Storm Series, just try to Imagine Storm 4 gameplay with Storm 1 gameplay features, In my opinion that will be the Perfect Storm game. ☯️✌ (By the way, my favourite Storm games and I will put them in my personal order will be: 1.Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 and Generations. (these have my favourite vibe and charm of the anime itself because of the dynamic gameplay features)
    2. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2( for the unique Story and some Unique Boss Battles and let's not forget that Iconic "Calm Before the Storm" OST from the Characters Selection Screen and many more diverse soundtracks)
    3. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst (Because of the more well-rounded diverse Story Perspective and very epic Boss Battles and also the soundtrack "Outside Konoha" and others soundtracks as well)
    4. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (mostly because of the unique option to change/switch between your characters team during the fight, this particular option mechanics should've been already in the game from the very first Storm game in my opinion)
    5. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (because of the abused and annoying Counter mechanic)

  36. Hate to break it to you but keeping servers running is WAY more expensive then just stop supporting the game/updating the game.

  37. well just a reminder, he is playing on high FPS rate, in consoles it is different,

  38. Storm 4 is my fav. The only thing thay its missing is wall combat and lil stuff like itachi imperfect susano

  39. Sooo never seen Naruto, wanna get into a new anime.

    Is this worth it? Should I get My Hero's Justice 2 instead?

  40. Great video, I would love to see a video like this with the clash of ninja series

  41. Hi i can buy Naruto ultimate storm legacy for 15$ its on sale for 3 days should i buy it ??

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