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I Surprised Ninja Daddy with a TREE HOUSE!

The Ninja Fam!
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For our 19th Wedding Anniversary I surprised ninja daddy with a tree house adventure!
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  1. Happy anniversary Shane and Ali!! Y'all are so cute together!! Omg! 😱 Ninja Daddy is gonna love that treehouse!! 🥰💕❤️🎉🥳🎂

  2. you live in canada! whoa becouse I live in canada laval close to ilumi.

  3. Happy Anniversary To You Ninja Mommy And Ninja Daddy

  4. Happy 19th anniversary Ninja Mommy and Ninja Daddy.

  5. This is awesome! And the tree house was so cute! And happy 29th anniversary! 🎄🏡❤️🎉

  6. My mom and dad want to go on a date night

  7. I hope 2022 is a little better I also hope you guys are healthy and doing well love you😁😁🤗

  8. happy anniversary and i liked the tree house

  9. One oh and never have let me have a treehouse because my dog she does bad things to a Backyard

  10. Happy anniversary 💙❤💜🧡🖤🖤😍😍😍😊😊

  11. Can you do a video of nidal vs ninja kids if you don't know nidal just search in youtube nidal wonder

  12. ชิปกับเดล เราสองพี่น้อง says:

    Happy anniversary 🥳🥳🎉

  13. im feeling like u guys channel name is ganna be ninja teens

  14. Happy anniversary day 👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨

  15. I love you're videos and thank you for your help from your videos and i subscribe to you love you

  16. Me and my family are on a vacation in Roatan Honduras I love it!

  17. Happy anniversary 🎉 💗 💓 💖 💛 💕 guys that was so fun for you guys

  18. I went there before I want to Lucas tree place it’s cool that you guys want to

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