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I Survived 100 Days as a NINJA in Minecraft

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I Survived 100 Days as a NINJA in Minecraft! My friends and I were arguing over which ninjas are better: REAL ninjas or ANIME ninjas. To prove who is the best, my friends challenged me to survive 100 days against them!

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►Episode – I Survived 100 Days as a NINJA in Minecraft


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  1. 39:03 Netherite doesn't burn in lava, and also, use beds when mining, they explode the same amount as tnt, but they cost less.

  2. No 1 gonna talk abt his inchant going from nockback 2 to lotting 3?

  3. You're just like Bronzo Fozo and Maxcraft

  4. Yeah you’re actually am not going to actually win Naruto is lol this one is present in the world that was real Naruto and you are a real ninja just imagine that that was real Naruto And SakuraYou are a real ninja first Nardo shoot a Reisinger grand and then you’ll just get caught that’s it and then he turns into Ninetails mode or a cloakAnd then he does the nine tails beast resin shocking and then you just kills you watch the Ninetail beast is not named nine tails is actually named Kurama

  5. Run like the wind and glide also water desert and mountain what is this avatar

  6. Fun fact: ancient debris and Netherite doesn’t burn!

  7. Its so unfair that you could have killed them with your fists

  8. bro a anime shinobi could literaly just burn a ninja or put them in genjutsu and kill him

  9. It’s just satisfying just watching him evolve

  10. i love how for one of the quests, he had to murder 150 defenseless animals lol

  11. "Real ninjas" can't actually beet NARUTO maby sakura

  12. Why did you kill the sheep? You can reuse them.

  13. The more I see this stuff the more it looks scripted but I don't wanna be right

  14. jn hh gaming very big sweaty black fan says:

    It would be cool I u became goku

  15. Anime ninjas are the best better than "real" ninjas

  16. Anime ninjas like Naruto would ACTUALLY kill 100s of real ninjas

  17. 19:33 what is that in the top corner? Is it endermen ended endereyes and go to the end what's that ryguyrocky

  18. lol unicornmann is smarter than you hahahahahahaha

  19. ryguyroky did you know evil ninjas are samurai

  20. I finished the whole video without realizing it was an hr

  21. Do ninjas even exist! 🤔🤔🤔😐🤔😐🤔😐🤔😐🤔🤔😐🤔😐🤔😐🤔😐🤔😐🤔😐🤔😐

  22. Dude really said “shearikens” instead of “shurikens”

  23. Fun fact : Swords were originally intended to break leaves. But now when breaking leaves with swords it take 2 durability

  24. Get all senses and so you can get all adi?ites

  25. There is one ninja anime I know of where the ninja characters are better ninjas then Naruto

  26. jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk

  27. this isnt really fair cause anime ninjas have more skills than normal ones but in this vid normal ninjas won and this depends on the person's skills. if the anime ninjas skills are bad but normal ninja skills good normal one will win also the anime ninjas dont have extra hearts or strong skills but ryan does

  28. When you do your videos are they mods in Minecraft because they are cool

  29. All I hear in these videos is just f you and give me money

  30. real ninja stealth, anime ninja able to level entire citys with one attack, sure stealth wins for sure since it allows you to run away without being noticed

  31. "Real" ninjas were farmers, but Ryguy never farms lol

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