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I Trolled Ninja ft. Courage TimTheTatman DrDisrespect

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I am not seeing enough movement


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  1. Someone give me context, I don't understand what's wrong with it or if there is a hidden meaning when I enter doing that dance.

  2. I always love seeing this because as soon as he saw just die’s laughing


  4. I’m glad that Ninja is mature enough to look back at that cringe moment and laugh

  5. Ninja I love you but I need to see more movement

  6. DrDisrespect – what are you saying? I HAVE NO AUDIO 😂

  7. The most cringe gamers ever… They literally attract 12 year olds

  8. I’m not seeing enough movement 😂😂😂

  9. ninja is too old to be playing this game and who really likes him anyways

  10. Lmaooo I saw that during Tim’s live stream 💀💀💀💀

  11. No Ninja he’s not flossing…he’s not seeing enough movement

  12. Context: New years event, ninja did the floss in front of a crowd, no one else flossed, very embarrassing

    Savage dress up as ninja and did the floss to mock him

  13. Tell Crowe
    To accept my friend request

  14. “You act like I play this game enough to know how to-…” – bros played more than everyone else in this game 😂

  15. Is it me or that ninja reacted 1 sec before he did the floss

  16. Im not seeing enough movement out there😂

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