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I’m finishing my ninja game – Come Play! – Lego #Unity3d

Jason Weimann
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Building a game with legos and ninjas for the unity lego jam!

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  1. I think a rotating Menu to select the characters, holding on each character for 3 sec to select with the button press.

  2. When reaching the top of the yellow level you can jump against the trigger and fall. You are then stuck and cannot get up anymore and need to reload the game. There I also nothing to kill you on so you cannot reach any end state. … I would suggest resetting the floor if you touch some invisible collider beneath it so that you can try and get up there again.

  3. On the orange level when running to the left, the character gets stuck on the left platform and dose not turn around.

  4. After you win. the camera starts off too much to the left. It gets corrected when the figure run to the right corner, but it might be a solution to have the camera on a fixed center position and only move it up for the height the figure is on (with the normal dampening).

  5. Also, the hit boxes around the powerups (or the figure) sometime feel a little off.

  6. Idea for expanding the game:
    – Have a display of How many powerups are collected from the number of totals. And a Timer with a highscore (per character) for 100% completions.
    – After you have brought one character up, he stays up on the platform and dances with the others. you then cannot select this character from the menu. When you have all 3 characters up on the top platform a big fireworks happens and the game resets to the initial state. (With this there should be a reset option in the character select)
    – After you select the character. have a voice-over to announce them. I played around with Replica. These where see sentences I used the "Stone" voice: "Zane! Get Ready!" – "Neya! Get Ready!" – "Loyjd! Get Ready!" and it sounded not bad.

  7. Many months ago you made a full game tutorial on a 3rd person top down shooter, i am talking about this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZlSOAP76-A and its a great tutorial, but i am having this issue where i wish to turn the character while aiming and without moving to different location, basically i want to stand in same point and wish to aim, so currently it looks as if player is floating and rotating, and has no leg animation when rotating. I want the character to aim in such a way that only torso moves and when torso is beyond a certain angle, the leg should animate and then rotate. I am not sure if you got it or not, but this what i wish to do and hopefully you might be able to help.

  8. Dude you are giving it 💯%

    I really love Lego games they are always hilarious haha you need some joke idk some enemy making fun of the player then falling and exploding

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