iOS Swift Game Tutorial - SpriteKit Ninja Game -

iOS Swift Game Tutorial – SpriteKit Ninja Game

Jack Ily
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– SpriteKit is a framework used to create 2D games on iOS.

– Today,… I will show you how to create a simple 2D game on iOS with SpriteKit written in Swift language.


– Control the circular character by jumping, to try to overcome many obstacles.


– The interface of the game on different screen sizes.
– How to add SKSpriteNode, SKLabelNode, SKShapeNode, SKCameraNode,…etc,… to the scene.


If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will help you answer,…



Go to github and type: /hoangmtv075/ninja-resources
Download the resources and open it you can find all the images,…


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  1. IF YOU WANT THE IMAGES,…Go to github and type /hoangmtv075/ninja-resourcesDownload the folder and open it,…

  2. Great tutorial! I hope you'll go on posting this type of videos 🙂

  3. Cảm ơn đã chia sẻ, bạn có thể làm chậm và nói dõ hơn được không

  4. Hello, great tutorial! I have question about images, are you made them by yourself? Or you know any website where u can make them or download? (I'm not asking about this images but general). Thank you.

  5. Hi! Thanks a lot for a tutorial, this is my first game and this game is great! But my ground on iPhone 11 pro Max its very low, do you have any opinion? Thanks

  6. I was looking for a sprite kit game dev tutoria. This video is better than any of it. Thank you.

  7. cho mình hỏi tại sao phải cố định size là 2048 và 1536 ạ

  8. great jobb .. it's amszingggg .. i have quastion can i have the pic ?

  9. Thank you very match for your great tutorial. This is my first game too.

  10. Hello can someone please help?! There is a bug in my code that causes the coins to sometimes push the player back before they're removed from parent… I am defeated

  11. The way you initialised the HUD was really useful for my project, Cảm ơn !

  12. I learn a lot about swift & SpriteKit from these tutorial. And successfully done it! I never too serious studying Swift, but these tutorial helped me. Thank you Jack! Easy to follow too!

  13. What are the positions for setupNodes in MainMenu?

  14. Cảm ơn video của bạn. Cho mình hỏi để cho nhân vật đứng không quay nữa thì làm như thế nào vậy ạ?

  15. Làm sao bỏ mấy cái dòng xanh xanh và dòng chữ cuối màn hình bạn ơi?

  16. Hey my background and ground are just appearing for first 5 seconds, after that they are disappearing from screen how to fix that to appear continuously. (the code is in for block itself)

  17. I have followed the tutorial in your video, but I don't understand 1 thing, the info.plist file. How to add it?

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