Is Cyber Shadow the Shovel Knight of Ninja Games? (Switch Review) -

Is Cyber Shadow the Shovel Knight of Ninja Games? (Switch Review)

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Cyber Shadow, out on January 26, 2021, is developed by Mechanical Head Studios and Yacht Club Games. Available for Switch and various other platforms, it’s a ninja action game that aspires to do for Ninja Gaiden, Shadow of the Ninja, and more what Shovel Knight did for Mega Man and DuckTales NES. Does it do that? Well, I mean, you could watch the video. That’s the question we’re asking in this review. It’s answered.

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  1. For me in my opinion the gameplay and music are the stars of the show in these kinds of games everything else is an afterthought

  2. So glad ive seen this review. I know i would love this game but i was expecting ninja gaiden gameplay. Knowing its more shatterhand and natsume style nes games made me direct my expectationd better. I love shatter hand and i can totally see the tons of easters eggs now. From the crater, the flying buddy, and the robot bosses. Its very shatterhand like.

  3. Thanks for the very informative review I was very eager to get this game, and now I can be a LOT more confident knowing that it is an amazing game!

  4. No! Because it's the Dark souls of Shovel knight games 👍

  5. The Messenger, Cyber Shadow….
    What is a Shovel Knight?

  6. I love this guy's reviews. And this one is special. Thank you for ur time!

  7. "Shadow of a Ninja or that awesome NES Batman game"??? NINJA GAIDEN!

  8. Wasn’t “the messenger” already the “shovel knight” of ninja games???

  9. Enrique Martin is Ricky Martin translated to Spanish.

  10. Like Shadow Warrior , must Have
    The Messenger too

  11. The messenger still fills that slot for me. Shadow's gameplay is good, but so is Messengers, and it also has a good story

  12. I liked Shadow of the Ninja more than Ninja Gaiden because it had 2 player co-op. I would have bought Cyber Shadow already if it also had co-op. I didn't purchase Shovel Knight until it had co-op too.

  13. People compare this with Ninja Gaiden, It feels more like a game called Shatterhand and Shadow of the Ninja. Sprite style and music resemble these games more. Both are games from Natsume. Anyway I pre-ordered this the first day it was available, to me its a 10 out 0f 10 game.

  14. short answer to the titles question: NO
    long answer to the titles question: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ofc not wtf are u even asking? lol

  15. I've seen such mixed thoughts on this game but I'm led to believe it's because people have such wild expectations about what this game is going to be before they play it.

  16. why is every video saying checkpoints are frequent its fucking not

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