Jarvis and Master Utopia Take on 3 Solos To Win... #fortnite #fortnitejarvis #fortnitememes #shorts - brownebrand.com

Jarvis and Master Utopia Take on 3 Solos To Win… #fortnite #fortnitejarvis #fortnitememes #shorts

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  1. 'Godlike aim with a deagle' – misses 2 out of 4 shots

  2. “Jarvis, shut the fuck up and let me cook.”

  3. Its cool and all but dhes not really him i do shit like this every other game

  4. Ive been seeing your vids for a while now I wish I got as much recognition as you

  5. Bro your getting less and less popular😭😭😭

  6. God like aim more like gods late aim

  7. Pro tip don't take hand cannon with 4x scope and a sniper use the hand cannon or the sniper cuz the hand cannon is like a sniper

  8. He could of picked up a crown and got a crown win😡

  9. My bro could’ve had a crown win😢😭

  10. This guy should be called “The magic man”

  11. Petiton to stop people from saying first😈🔥

  12. Bro's actually a few kills away from having his own icon skin.

  13. This guy did not do this I just saw someone with a face cam doing this

  14. Your just so good people think your a hacker

  15. Who's the fake video I know the original

  16. Nice I was pulling this off in ranked just a day ago

  17. Bro I had a box scope and hit a head shot while some one was flying and I was so shocked but the after I took. Down the hole squad by my self because my team was Across the map

  18. Don’t pop off the way diddy did plz 🤣 😂 I will not watch no more if so…. No diddy 😂

  19. That last person was looking at the air for no reason apparently😂😂😂

  20. The quick scopes are so clean 🔥🔥🔥

  21. You have made much such a better player thank you for being here 😊

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