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Jujutsu Infinite | Toji vs. Gojo

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Roblox Game:

This game is currently in testing. It’s based off JJK / Jujutsu Kaisen and features domain expansions, curse techniques, taijutsu, and more. Join the server above and follow our socials to keep up to date on the game when it releases and when testing opens.

REMEMBER (JJK Soundtrack) – Masto (coldrain), Hiroaki Tsutsumi


  1. Bro this is absolutely incredible!! I’m so playing this the moment it’s out I’ve never seen a roblox game this good

  2. Can one of the devs tell me how difficult it's going to be to get these guys because I really hate spending a really long time to get something in a game

  3. I just need to know one thing and ill subscribe do yall love this game your making?

  4. i have a question what gamepass this game will got if made out?

  5. This looks insane cannot wait to play it is there a release date announced or when it can come out?

  6. I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!!!!!!. Holy crap

  7. made a jujutsu kaidsen game look like the most accurate dragonball game

  8. One suggestion is that they change the sound effect of the blows and when they hit the ground or wall, it sounds like the meme videos. But still, incredible work and I'm still waiting for the game, which is incredible❤

  9. Change the browls sound effect pls,and good game im waiting for it❤

  10. how do they make the screen gui move like that

  11. I hope six eyes and limitless are separate things

  12. aint no way they stopped updating nsl for this shit 💀💀💀

  13. Yo I can not wait for this come out🤩🤩🤩

  14. Should replace it with goku and vegeta I guaranteed it gonna be the best db game

  15. i like how it looks like an anime fight not like gpo or bloxfruit air combat it's like its own thing


  17. I'm going to play this on mobile to be a pro for fun

  18. Hey YouTuber can you make a tutorial of this game

  19. I'll just got to say when it's going to be out?

  20. And then another question can you even join the game in Mobile?

  21. when does this game come out?

  22. I think you should put out more content. That would help satisfy my hype!

  23. At the end gojo was spinning around Toji💀💀💀

  24. the game looks very promising hope it comes out soon 🙂

  25. It should be the best game abt jjk in roblox or not only Roblox

  26. Bro jjk has so much content I just hope they dont sell with unwanted updates.

    Heavenly restrictions, cursed techniques, variety in movesets good syngergy with certain moves. Valuable drops and bossfights. Fun grinding. Balance of pvp and pve.

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