Last Ninja Remix Longplay (Amiga) [50 FPS] -

Last Ninja Remix Longplay (Amiga) [50 FPS]

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Developed by Eclipse Software Design and published by System 3 in 1990

The Last Ninja series on the Commodore 64 was nothing short of legendary; if you were into games during the 1980s then I can’t see how you could NOT have heard of them.

As is the way, various studios converted the Last Ninja games to the Amiga computer, with varying degrees of success. Although a lot of people would argue that they were never as good as the C64 versions, I believe that, in Last Ninja Remix, we have the exception to the rule.

Firstly, this is not the same as Last Ninja Remix that featured on the C64 (Last Ninja 2 with a new music score). Last Ninja Remix for the Amiga is actually the original game, but designed to take advantage of the Amiga’s superior graphics and sound capabilities.

The graphics and gameplay made the transition well in this version, but it’s the music that really steals the show here. Jochen Hippel took the original, brilliant score by Ben Daglish and Anthony Lees and gave us a superb Amiga version of all the classic tunes; The Wilderness (level 02) sounds particularly amazing on a decent set of speakers!

The game has it’s faults for sure. The jumping sections are really hard and there isn’t much depth to the combat, but even with faults, the game is still a classic.

So, sit back and crank the volume up to 11 and enjoy!!


  1. I know the Amiga was technically superior but there's something to the slender, all-black ninja from the C64…

  2. The original C64 version is still many times better than this, a good example of a superior system like the Commodore Amiga 500 failed to the little brother the Commodore 64 of a so called updated version.

  3. Better than the C64 version?

    Abit more colours and using samples instead of a synthesizer… Better? – A matter of taste.

    Only hardcore amiga users will state this is better than the C64 version.

    Technically the amiga is 7 times better than a C64, CPU, RAM etc… But is this game really 7 times better than the C64 version? No it isn't.. It looks like a nightmare and the "music" is terrible.

  4. You need to stand a meter or more from an item to take it – fantastic. This part is even worse than LN2.

  5. Wait a minute?!?! You can actually pick up items without fetching the bag first? That renders the bag pointless!

  6. Wow, the Music in Lv4 (the Dungeons) are the loading tune from the Tape-Version on C64 – my favourite Tune… <3

  7. Thx Mr. Hippel! This reminds me of the Dragonflight music, long time ago!

  8. Of course the c64 version is better but for amiga not bad. See the LAst Ninja 2:(

  9. 'To be continued' suggests they planned to remix LN2 as well! Oh well….

  10. OMFG! Shit! This brought back allot of memories. In this version, we get allot of help finding stuff. But in the other games, we just had to figure it out our self's. No help at all and no internet to look up clues. The game ends with TBC, did it ever?

  11. Easily the hardest part of the game is picking up items!

  12. I finished this game when I was little. I'm currently giving it another go, but I can't seem to find out how to change items. In all the other Last Ninja games this was done with F3 or F5, but that doesn't work on Remix for the Amiga. Changing weapons is still done using the space bar, like in the other versions, but I can't figure out how to change the other items I'm holding (like the amulet, the glove, etc) :/

  13. I was actually looking for the movie then found this bit of nostalgia. I always loved this soundtrack thank you for posting.

  14. The first track seems a bit less fluent than the original. But apart from that.. I mean it's LN, what's not to like?
    Edit: ok, have to add the music in general sounds a bit too 'sharp'. Maybe that's what we get for listening to it on modern mobil phones instead of a 80's TV with non piezo speakers.
    Edit2: wtf? Happened to Lvl4?? No creepy music?

  15. It's just an St port like most amiga games of this era. C64 music is better but has a real synth chip – the amiga just plays back samples..

  16. Young people watching this today: Insert what now?

  17. Love that music.And wish a new game would be made after so long! Lets hope it will happen C64 version was a real pain it was pixel perfect.

  18. Yeah no all good but the C64 version is still the C64 version 😉

  19. The Amiga version of Ninja Remix is truly very beautiful 🥰 ❤️ I love it!

  20. I have a question. I have this for my A500 but, the graphics don't look at crisp as on this video. What could that be guys. Connected to TV using scart cable. 🤔

  21. second level, climbing down the mountain side never worked for me. Shame, i loved this series but I gave up on the first game. awkward controls, but hey, old school game so what can you do!

  22. I prefer the C64 version. The SID music sounds so much better. The Amiga samples in title screen are mixed terribly. Everything is overly bright and loud, it almost hurts. Some high pass filters and balancing the volume of the tracks would have done miracles. The later tracks are a little better but there's still too much high frequencies and a lack of warmer, more melow sounds to balance the mix.

  23. This is my first game when i have brand new C-64 computer

  24. considering the amiga's hardware step up this should have looked way better…….epic on the 64 pretty average for the amiga……tunes are good still
    though…apart from the creepy 64 dungeons tunes…….made that level well brown trousers lol

  25. What kind of ninja runs down a road in broad daylight?

  26. The remixes are really terrible in this version. They even replaced the highly atmospheric Dungeon music from the C64 original with the Level 1 loader.

  27. Music on first level….can't decide if I prefer this version or the c64 original. Both magnificent efforts.

  28. Come on. Did anyone other than the person who played through truly ever get over those stones?

  29. Damn, that music the last 2 levels is still amazing!!!!

  30. never managed to pass the first stagem those jumps and the atrocious fighting system. music was awesome

  31. The tunes shit all over the C64 – especially the inner sanctum tune. I was bopping along as you played 🙂

  32. One of the best games ever both on the C64 and amiga

  33. The graphics is very nice here in this Amiga version.

  34. This was my Last Ninja. Played the C64 version first at a friend's house, but this is the one I played the most on my Amiga. I don't get the hate for it at all. It's amazing, and so immersive and atmospheric.

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