Last Ninja: The Legend of the Sade - The Last Ninja Game You Might Not Have Yet Played -

Last Ninja: The Legend of the Sade – The Last Ninja Game You Might Not Have Yet Played

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Last Ninja – The Legend of the Sade is an unofficial extension to the original Last Ninja game, adding 4 additional levels, that carries on Armakuni’s journey to cover how he escapes after recovering the sacred scrolls.

Last Ninja – The Legend of the Sade was developed in 2002 by a fan (Spirit of Armakuni) utilizing the Last Ninja Engine editor that he developed himself.

This game runs on Windows PC but plays exactly the same as the original Last Ninja game on the Commodore 64.

Last Ninja – the Legend of the Sade can be downloaded freely from .

Enjoy this great game.

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Last Ninja – Die Legende des Sade ist eine inoffizielle Erweiterung des ursprünglichen Spiels Last Ninja, das 4 zusätzliche Level enthält, die die Reise von Armakuni fortführen, um zu beschreiben, wie er nach dem Wiederherstellen der heiligen Schriftrollen entkommen kann.

Last Ninja – Die Legende des Sade wurde 2002 von einem Fan (Spirit of Armakuni) entwickelt, der den von ihm selbst entwickelten Editor der Last Ninja Engine verwendet.

Dieses Spiel läuft auf Windows PC, spielt aber genauso wie das originale Last Ninja Spiel auf dem Commodore 64.

Last Ninja – die Legende des Sade kann kostenlos von heruntergeladen werden.

Genieße dieses großartige Spiel.


  1. I had the pleasure of working closely with SoA back then, testing the game as he was developing it. It was a lot of fun and to this day it still amazes me how well he managed to capture the look and feel of C64 Last Ninja on PC, even if some of the puzzles were quite obscure. He put an incredible amount of work into the engine, the graphics, the art, etc.It's been over 20 years, but from what I remember, the game was completed as it was meant to be. He even posted a detailed tutorial on how to design our own levels.Sadly he had to retire from all this as family life did lot leave him much spare time.

  2. They should remake this game it has such potential.

  3. This looks pretty cool. I'm surprised no one has done a C64 conversion, I'm shore it can be done. Will have to download and check it out

  4. Omg i made the intro theme song and the underground paths level song back in 2002 for this game 🙂 good to hear it again

  5. sadly this game is very much dead in the water, plus this is not a working game, this is just a demo and a buggy one at that,, the person who made this is not making anymore of the game and the screen shots of so called other levels are just mock ups and nothing more, its a shame really as it would be nice to see more.

  6. SOA is a Hungarian guy. We had some comversations way back…

  7. Love the LN games to bits, but they could have done some research. "Armakuni" is not a valid japanese name.

  8. Thanks for the showcase of this unknown attempt to a sequel (in betweequel?). I remember stumpling appon this game some years ago and was so excited to play something more similar to the first ninja game. Unfourtunately I must say the demo was very much a let down due to tiersome and weird puzzles. Now I'm a adventure gamer at core and have no problem with moon logic etc, but the whole water thing were you for some reason have to go carrying water three times seems kind of meaningless and mostly annoying. If the project was to ever be picked up again, I hope to see a more thoughful approach to the puzzles.

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