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Legend of Kage, The Complete Playthrough – NintendoComplete

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A beginning to end playthrough of Taito’s 1987 NES game, The Legend of Kage, from

A classic arcade conversion of the original 1985 Japanese arcade game 影の伝説 (Kage no Densetsu), The Legend of Kage (pronounced kah-ge, Japanese for shadow, not like Johnny “Cage”. Imagine a Bostonian calling their ‘car gay’ and you’ve got a close approximation of the actual pronunciation) had a guy looking suspiciously close to Hayate from Revenge of the Ninja (Sega CD) running through feudal Japan, saving his girlfriend several times as the seasons pass. Cool game, and a surprising amount of strategy for how simple it is.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. In those days, this game was quite hard to complete.

  2. Este jogo quem conhece e já jogou e meu amigo Alex Games 1988 ele tem um canal do YouTube eu achava que vc poderia conhecer ele amigo

  3. Que buen video lo jugué de niño , saludes desde managua Nicaragua 2022

  4. Ohh my God!!! After 18 years…Just unlocked my old memories. How cool those days were!

  5. It was about the game, now it is about the good days.

  6. It was one of the toughest games, and confusing as no game manual, always loved the lighting

  7. We brothers used to play this in the family computer. Now eldest brother is no longer with us physically. We love you Kuya JC, we'll see you again and we will play all these games.

  8. Ninja said- Yeh dukh kahe khatam nahi hota bey😂

  9. 33 years ago I played this game with my cousins, countless times. The music brings me back to those days. Yes, just like what other commenters said, it feels like it was just yesterday.

  10. 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓜𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓮𝔀𝓼 says:

    I love this game 😍 in childhood 🤣

  11. My favourite game when I was a little girl
    I have to pay money to play just for 30m or longest is 1h. Actually it's was not enough time for a young kid but I have no enough to pay for long hours 😅 it brought me back to my childhood
    thanks for sharing

  12. I was not remembering its name i searched "Japanese queen rescue game" 😂😂😂

  13. Im sure i watched it somewhere… or played it? was this in arcade…? gosh

  14. My elder brother play this another one game.

  15. Love ❤️this music

  16. I always thought the villain looked like Chucky in a bike 😂

  17. Este jogo foi onde eu conheci o primeiro video games de cartucho olha tenho um amigo qui e um colecionador de vídeo game Alex Games 1988 ele também e um YouTube blz

  18. This is how Ghost of Tsushima looked in the past

  19. just spend whole day searching this games name its difficult when u try to remember just searching jumping on tree saving girl will never give an idea but happy that finnaly found it

  20. I remember playing this game as a little kid. Wow so much memories

  21. i was playing it 12 years ago when I was a kid and I don't know why I was kind of afraid of music and it took me many months to finish the game, and now I'm older I know he's trying to save his girlfriend and not just kill the bad guys. I remember it well as if it was yesterday and not many years. Nostalgia 🙂

  22. Conquer Haki before the world knew about it

  23. الله 🥺 ايام كانت جميله جدا ، العطله الصيفيه و الصخر ،، ياليتها تعود كان عمري ١٠ سنين ،،، ياحسرتاه على العمر مر بسرعه ، الحمد لله على كل حال 🤲🏻 .

  24. Bruh….I thought I played this game….cuz I was also looking for game that was 12-15 yrs old . …but this is on a whole next level 30 yrs old

  25. ngl when i was young i thought the woman we try to save is our mom 🤣

  26. I did not know there's an ending until 30 years later. Omg

  27. I love this game so much back then as a kid.
    And this music has been one of my fav ringtone for the past 10-12 years

  28. this game gave me anxiety like nothing else, weird constantly panicked feeling

  29. Ya my old memory me and my brother and cousin we all completed the game my big brother complete it 😍

  30. اه عليك يا هذي لعبة ايام زمان

  31. I remember
    I wanted to play this game but i couldnt
    Sadge 😪😔😂

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