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Legend of the Mystical Ninja Game Review (Snes/Wii)

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Legend of the Mystical Ninja Game Review. Review #61. Legend of the Mystical Ninja stars a Ninja named Goemon. This game is one of four Goemon games to be released in the USA. Lucky for us Nintendo added this game to the Nintendo Wii VC awhile ago. How well does this game stack up? Tune in to find out.

Golden Axe is next.

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  1. WOW!!! what an awesome review!! nicely done! goemon 1 for super famicom is my 2nd favorite game of all time!!

  2. Dr.Ying real name is pronounced Eh-Bee-Sue-Maruu

  3. the one where you could change characters, and was 2-D action for 64

  4. i used ti love this game the golden peace pipe was the best

  5. hehe nice moves there! (4:26). Sliding on the floor like a snake.

  6. oh my god i love mystical ninja where the hell are they here in america?! i mean come on everyone would love to see this franchsie of games

  7. Yes! I agree with this review! I love this game as well. I still have my original complete copy. One of the best games for my Super Nintendo! But for some reason I didn't enjoy the N64 follow up as much. 3D polygons just didn't match the charm of 16-bit sprites.

  8. Looks cool, and great review.. i have just ordered it but im screwed coz its super famicom and i didnt realise you had to read lots of text..alas i dont understand japanese.

  9. reminds me a little on micheal jackson's worm style xD

  10. I had this game. We rented it and decided to buy it in the '90s. It is one of the best games of all time, for me. There is so much to do… unlike Mario Bros.

  11. wich is better:

    pocky and rocky or legend of the mystical ninja?

  12. yeah 😀
    also you should try mystical ninja goemon for n64
    man those games are awesome and filled with creativity,in that game you will fight in a robot,fight with a giant frog on a train etc

  13. My friend makes fun of me because I play old games but all he does is play WoW.

  14. amazing review… really enjoy it!
    thanks man!
    the best goemon game ever

  15. Wow! I loved this game and it was so cool learning about the history. Thank you =)

  16. @gavinmedia

    No sweet! Doing History segments is what im known for though.

  17. This is one of my favourite games ever. Lots of great music, levels and little hidden treats. Fun as hell and 2 player as well.

  18. e bass? come on how hard to pronounce ebisumaru?

    eh-bi-su-maru !!!

  19. @heyheyhe0011

    Well if my learning disablity, its almost impossible for me to pronounce words Ive never heard said in my life. In some videos I don't even bother to attempt saying the name, I show a picture with the name under neath, of say the music was done by this gentlemen or something something provided by this guy. etc.

  20. @kNIGHTWING01 btw
    ebisumaru is NOT a guy.
    ironically the japanese only ganbre goemon 2 states that hes a she,

    otaku = anime freak HUGE anime fan

  22. i borrowed this game when i was in 2nd grade from a friend and really enjoyed playin wit with my bro. Even to this day this game looks great, no wonder i liked it so much.

  23. @Xarai Otaku can also mean HUGE video game fan so, he can be an Otaku, I'm an Otaku since i like all 3, Video Games, Anime and Manga <.<

  24. @sonickun95 nooo srry otaku is anime referenced only. game nerds are referenced differently

  25. @Xarai In modern Japanese slang, the term otaku is most often equivalent to "geek". However, it can relate to a fan of any particular theme, topic, hobby or any form of entertainment.

  26. @ZanterXD true, though I wished I played Earthbound!

  27. One of the best games EVAR! Konami always seem to make their games fun and exciting, it's like they actually loved their jobs!

  28. Your wife plays videogames with you?! You are blessed sir!

  29. How the fuck do you do the super moves! I'm 24 and I have wanted to ride that damn tiger like on the cover since I was 8.

  30. Games like this would never get international releases today… : /

  31. Boiled alive???!!!

    thx for the great review, love the detail

  32. I love this game to bits, and yes, I played this on SNES. I love this game so much I got inspiration off this game for my stories.

    You also love other games I do too (Megaman, UN squadron, Sonic, and more), You know, I should of done something I forgot to do years ago with my old account, so you've earned me as a subscriber. Should of clicked your subscribe button ages ago with my old youtube account.

  33. Great review! This game is on it's way to me now!!

  34. I am looking for a very lo price game cube. I am completely disabled . I use these for games to my hands for therapy from where. I had gbs and left me with numb hands. If you know anyone who has one to donate please let me know by sending it to 309 baptist rd. Durham,n.c. 27704.thanks for anyone's help or call me at 919-477-3917.

  35. i want a wife to play videogames with too!!!

  36. how can u give it 8/10 when u say its tat good. people give super mario world 10/10 because there's too much respect for it. Mystical ninja should get 10/10 because it's brilliant.

  37. I knew nothing about this game but I started playing it a few days ago and it's simply amazing… It's like Zelda mixed with River City Ransom also a tad bit of mega man….this game is Original, creative and more than fun to play….I give it a 10/10

  38. If you live in the United States you miss out on alot of Ganbare Goemon games for most systems.

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