Mark of the Ninja - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 [Level 1: Ink & Dreams] (Xbox 360/PS3/PC) -

Mark of the Ninja – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 [Level 1: Ink & Dreams] (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

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Mark of the Ninja Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 which includes Level 1: Ink & Dreams with HD Gameplay on Xbox 360. Think we can break 5K likes for this new short series?

This Mark of the Ninja Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Gameplay and the Ending.

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Mark of the Ninja is a 2D cel-shaded platformer wherein players sneak, hide, and distract their way through multiple levels of guards and enemies, earning points based on stealthiness to rack up high scores. The game features a number of enchanting ninja-themed mechanisms, from hiding in doorways and climbing through elaborate vent systems, to dangling from grappling hooks and using bamboo darts to confuse guards. Points are awarded based the player’s ability to avoid detection and confrontation, as well as to successfully find artifacts and scrolls that key into the mysterious source of the protagonist’s powers.

Mark of the Ninja is a stealth game developed by Klei Entertainment for Xbox Live Arcade. Mark of the Ninja is one of those few games that triumphs in virtually every area. The controls are instinctual and easy to pick up, and selecting items is done completely through controller buttons, eliminating disruptive trips to the menu and adding a fluidity that contributes to the foreboding stillness of the game’s atmosphere. The first level adequately familiarizes the player with the various tools and stealth techniques, while secondary objectives (called “seals”) reinforce their constant use. Color cues are used frequently, guiding the player to climbable walls or demonstrating their visibility to guards, which have a detection range illustrated by orbs indicating their line of sight.


  1. Game is one of best stealth games I played, plus you get more points for NOT killing guards, and you can complete entire game without killing single guard (I know did it myself) it is not easy but it is doable!

  2. i found your clip as the first on searching game walkthrough for this game

  3. Just found your channel searching Mark of the Ninja

  4. I would really love this game backwards compatible 😄

  5. This is on this very video that i discovered you 5 years ago Brad.And i do not regret it.

  6. Hey, you know if we can play coop or multiplayers ? thx

  7. no you don't get bonuses for killing them

  8. Best ninja game as your character isn't just hacking and slashing his way threw and hardly kills.

  9. I've joined ur channel couple of months ago… I like all ur videos… I'd so many videos from u… Stay classy!!!👍👍👍

  10. To the people who are saying you shouldn't kill any for a perfect game or whatever reason. You are both correct and incorrect. You are correct for a perfect run on that path. But what about the other paths? Especially the one having to do with scaring the crap out of all the guards. There is a perfect play through for every path, there is no one true perfect playthrough. You choose your Path, I'll choose mine.

  11. there is android stealth "Ninja Turf" that was inspired by Mark of the Ninja 🙂

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  19. Rad is Brad
    Brad is Rad


  20. I love you Rad and your lovely gameplays. True Gamer !

  21. @theRadBrad: is this game also available for PSN or just XBL?

  22. I hope this is available to download 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  23. Is this really played on ps3 because i found a video on a list this game is for ps4 and pc

  24. Why are all of these comments like a million years ago

  25. quick question please: what do those 4 squares below the score signify?

  26. YouTube again drunk recomending an 8 year ago which I will barely even open😵

  27. I found your channel years ago and I always watch you when I wanna see gameplay. You're the best!

  28. Been watching brad for about 3 to 4 months good content

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