Mark of the Ninja - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 [Level 1: Ink & Dreams] (Xbox 360/PS3/PC) -

Mark of the Ninja – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 [Level 1: Ink & Dreams] (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

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Mark of the Ninja Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 which includes Level 1: Ink & Dreams with HD Gameplay on Xbox 360. Think we can break 5K likes for this new short series?

This Mark of the Ninja Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Gameplay and the Ending.

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Mark of the Ninja is a 2D cel-shaded platformer wherein players sneak, hide, and distract their way through multiple levels of guards and enemies, earning points based on stealthiness to rack up high scores. The game features a number of enchanting ninja-themed mechanisms, from hiding in doorways and climbing through elaborate vent systems, to dangling from grappling hooks and using bamboo darts to confuse guards. Points are awarded based the player’s ability to avoid detection and confrontation, as well as to successfully find artifacts and scrolls that key into the mysterious source of the protagonist’s powers.

Mark of the Ninja is a stealth game developed by Klei Entertainment for Xbox Live Arcade. Mark of the Ninja is one of those few games that triumphs in virtually every area. The controls are instinctual and easy to pick up, and selecting items is done completely through controller buttons, eliminating disruptive trips to the menu and adding a fluidity that contributes to the foreboding stillness of the game’s atmosphere. The first level adequately familiarizes the player with the various tools and stealth techniques, while secondary objectives (called “seals”) reinforce their constant use. Color cues are used frequently, guiding the player to climbable walls or demonstrating their visibility to guards, which have a detection range illustrated by orbs indicating their line of sight.


  1. I thought that it was a decent "rambo style" run right until the point I found out that he was actually going for full stealth… Pro tip, you don't kill people in a stealth run…

  2. I started watching you when I was playing Portal and I couldn't figure out one of the levels. I've been with you ever since!

  3. This games is supposed to be a hard core stealth game a real ninja game it's disappointing to see people play like this

  4. BRAD I didn't know you played games like these.i wish I watched you sooner.

  5. This Is SUCH a DOPE Looking Game!. I LOVE IT !.. its an Awsome Stealth Type Game… love the Style of it too!

  6. Right around the launch of the PS4 I was waiting for mine to ship through AAFES cause no BX anywhere could even get them in the stores. So I hop on youtube and watched your Killzone playthrough on PS4 and now when I am looking for someone to watch to check out a game I usually stop by your channel. Ryse, and Dead Rising 3 though frustrating to watch was fun as well.

  7. those noise effect seem pretty damn annoying… like all the time you walk. can you disable them in the game?

  8. I found your channel right now at 4:12 pm Central time usa on June 1 2015

  9. I was looking for a Arkham City playthrough when I found yours because Nova's the sharing way too much and tobuscuses didn't even finish his series

  10. Thank you Gaijin Goomba for showing me this game! 😀

  11. Somebody please suggest more games like this 🙂

  12. Bought the game on steam two years ago and just started play today and I like it!

  13. i love mark  of the ninja!!!!!!!!!!!                  lol

  14. i found your channel from trying to find a arkham knight gameplay

  15. I will buy a joystick to play this game. I hate playing in keyboard.

  16. what about narur if u got don't mind didn't see it yet

  17. I found your YouTube on battlefield hardline

  18. +theRadBrad I just found your channel through this

  19. mark of the ninja in 3d plz, i want a reallllly awesome ninja game.. not made by the assisins creed guys

  20. first time I watched one of your videos

  21. Man i love stealth games i think im going buy this

  22. this is just like abbey odyssey game….old game…

  23. I found you a year ago but I forgot at series I found you on

  24. I really like you are gaming the games I really wish they were more games for you

  25. I found the channel in the far cry primal series

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