Mask Of Ninja Last Hero - iPhone Game -

Mask Of Ninja Last Hero – iPhone Game

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Mask Of Ninja Last Hero

Category: Racing”, “Entertainment”, “Arcade”
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Appstore Description:

The newest game from BLUE G&C, a well known gaming company for Cartoon Wars
series: ‘Mask of Ninja’.

There were masked ninjas with special mission. When one is anointed as a ninja, one gets a unique mask and one must wear it on mission.
Ninjas believed the souls of past ninja is en-carved in the mask gave it a special power. Past legendary ninjas’ masks were kept in a sacred places.
One day, the Dark Force attacks the town in an attempt to gain these masks and soul.
The Dark Force took all these masks and the town and the people were burnt in the flame. The only survivor Jake, the beginner, takes the oath to take the revenge and take the stolen masks back…

Adventure to re-capture ancestor’s mask begins…..

– 3 different modes of action games in one.
– Total of 3 Acts, and 60 stages.
– 3 different action masks with unique power.
– Shift system with rapid and dynamic movements in a line in battles.
– Sudden appearance system which keeps the extreme tension.
– Monsters that were never seen.


  1. U can’t even download this game anymore

  2. I play much better than u do. (no offense)

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