Most HEATED Game Of Fortnite Chapter 3! -

Most HEATED Game Of Fortnite Chapter 3!

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Im NEVER playing with CourageJD Again…

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  1. It's 2022, Let's See How Many Legends Are Watching This Masterpiece.

  2. lol Jack absolutely shit on you at the end of that 😂

  3. I'm Elite baby, don't you see the outfit?
    Double pumps don't matter, man I got this
    Shoot a rocket, and pop a mini at the same time
    If you put a scar in my hand, then it's game time
    Got a sniper, a shotty, I'm unstoppable
    I'm droppin' you, I'm dancin' on top of you
    Am I top tier? Go and ask the last dude
    Uninstall the game, because honestly you're trash dude

  4. Every recent video you’ve done with courgay hasn’t come close to others simply leaving him out of the video. Stop playing with that guy. I’d like courage if he actually came out the closet by now

  5. Courage is starting to look like that guy Francis who loved mountain dew

  6. 11:10 Jack: “Ninja do you need a mini😇”. Ninja: “No dude im fine😡”

  7. Bro ninja, u turned from ultra comp halo player to pub stomper ninja…. Give us a reason PLEASE. Btw 27, not 12 y/o

  8. Courage is funny and he doesn’t even try plus you have ninja with the funny ass comms 🤣😭😭💪🏾

  9. love how he still using the MK even though the ranger is so much better now lol

  10. This video was fun to watch, keep it up Ninj😁👍🏻

  11. Bro cracked you like an egg and folded you like an omelette at the end there

  12. Why doesn't ninja have subs I don't see subs

  13. I feel like I'm a seriously underrated content creator with fire videos (solo cash cups with no weapons) if you give me a chance anyone you'd be surprised and id really appreciate it. Thank you 😘

  14. I'm dying at that ending! 😂😂 "Gawddamn"

  15. I meannnn Ninja had some fire kills in the beginning but ummm Courage said the rest

  16. This reminded me of how drlupo and ninja alwayd going at it back in the old days!

  17. Remember when he put this video as the heavy shotgun video lol

  18. He really thinks he's the main character of life

  19. Bro why does it look like he is playing on an iphone

  20. I was crying with laughter good times continue 😭🙏🏽😎

  21. Chriscormier fortnite ninja playstation 4Samsung tv 📺 42

  22. Such fun banter. This is why I have always liked them both and will continue to do so.

  23. you know you can hold three pizza slices now

  24. yo Jack was spitting facts at the end lol

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