MrBeast vs Ninja | Ultimate Crown -

MrBeast vs Ninja | Ultimate Crown

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MrBeast and Ninja face off in a League of Legends battle for the ages presented by Crown Channel.


53:50 Game 1 Draft
1:00:42 Game 1 Begins
1:50:00 Game 2 Draft
1:57:20 Game 2 Begins
2:34:00 Game 3 Draft
2:41:40 Game 3 Begins

Stay tuned for exclusive behind the scenes of Ultimate Crown!

About Ultimate Crown:

YouTube trailblazer Mr. Beast steps into the arena to face streaming legend Ninja in the ultimate gaming matchup. It’s an all out League of Legends battle for these two leading content creators as they compete for the crown live from Las Vegas.

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  1. Team MrBeast team MrBeast team MrBeast team MrBeast🎉

  2. Creative champion on top vayne with no barrier but ghost

  3. the observers made it impossible to watch for me

  4. I love the music so much go team mrBeast

  5. @316:00 that girl’s “(W)HOO-ing” was sooooo deep and loud, that pit UNPLEASANTLY vibrated my eardrums!!😱😖😵Pleeeeease, please, please… PULLEEEAZE, never do that again!🙏🏻😫🙅🏼‍♀️

    Edit: that in NO way meant to be toxic at her!!!!! She did a DIVINE job thru out the event. She didn’t do anything wrong choosing that chant! I feel it was the fault of everything involving SOUND! Such as, to name a few.. mics, settings, levels, quality, logistics, equipment, brands, software, and definitely tons more involved that I couldn’t even fathom!
    Also, meant for her to “…never do that again!”, INTO A MICROPHONE! I’m sure she sounds just fine and normal. In fact…I bet she even sounds BRILLIANT! F or she does

  6. i was watching and it was so tilting to watch ludwig int so hard. just walking into the enemy and ulting the buffs, dude was for sure inting hard

  7. bro when that virus protection poped up and i saw that mouse move my heart sank i thought my pc got hacked and someone was controlling it

  8. God the commentators are soooooo cringe!!!!! Jesus

  9. “Thats where your career is now eh?? A box of chocolates” – tyler motha fookin 1

  10. Okay I commented this already but damn these commentators suck! Except flowers

  11. hope dubblift doesnt trip 🙂 that made me laugh

  12. Back to this legendary performance love both of them we need to live longer to see what the beast can achieve 6000 forever – October 2022

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