My Best Game EVER In Fortnite | NINJA -

My Best Game EVER In Fortnite | NINJA

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The win streak with @SypherPK continues!

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  1. I really hope Fortnite makes a huge comeback and all the old pros return

  2. I’ll actually killed you on fortnight and I am a noob

  3. [FREEVYT.COM] - 👈5.000 Free V Bucks says:

    👍 I really appreciate it.

  4. [FREEVYT.COM] - 👈Get Free V Bucks says:

    ☝️ If anyone deserves thanks, it’s you.

  5. 6:55 – 24.1m subs . Checked how many he has right now and I'm shocked that he lost 200k in 20 days…

  6. Bro I didn’t realize ninja was still this good it’s insane his aim is ridiculous prob from playing COD

  7. Man’s calls himself the best player 🤣 HE IS PLAYING PUBS 😭

  8. Ima be honest whenever I saw this video it brought me back to chapter 2 season 1

  9. Thumbnail im still the best also ninja "ive got him boxed" while failing to edit 4:35

  10. I wish i was good like ninja So i Bought his BOOK.

  11. Wait what I don't get is I played 2 games in a row with the crown and got 1st each time. Im in top 5 most of the time and have alot of first place games. But have no one watching me. Like I don't get it. Who did ninja rub off to get famous in a game I've played better then him. I'm lost. I guess I have to pay for bots and pay my friends to give me bots so I can get famous. Right. Yeah. I hope I see u in the game and u save the beating. I even paid for the beta save the world b4 ninja even knew what fortnite was. I'm looking for u I hope I see u in fortnite so I can put u in ur place. Fyi those two games I had 21 kills between both. 13 in one. Where's my views lol. Yep. Also I don't build lol. No need to when ur good. Lmao.

  12. I have my own skin it is Lachlan and I have 2 channels my cousin Harry said I think he’s lying

  13. You’re not the best, there are people who are better then you

  14. You're the best player on fortnite Bru…… my name on fortnite is tmoneyballin248

  15. Not your best, your best is on January 30 2018

  16. Get the Quest 2 VR, Population One is like this but w/ many tall buildings and you can climb them 🤙🏼

  17. ninja how do you get your game that low quality im lagging and i wanna lower the quality

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